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7/19/08 6:29:49AM
Back in the day, before anybody read us, we used to post whatever we wanted. All kinds of crazy stuff. Then, we actually got an audience and we started to hear the lectures: “You can’t post that stuff! This site is considered legitimate!” or “You should be ashamed of yourselves. You have a responsibility based on your status not to cross the line.”

We took a lot of that stuff to heart and changed our approached for the most part. However, we try to have a little fun every now and then and when we do, people freak out. I still don’t think some people have let go of the Edith Larrente post we did a while back. Whatever.

So while we usually try to stay high-brow, that’s not always going to be the case. Some things are just too good not to call to your attention, such as the below video of Ariel Helwani of interviewing Andrei Arlovski.

Arlovski used to date Patrycja Mikula until the two broke up (which is usually the case when people break up). Then there were rumors that Mikula and Tim Sylvia were involved when the two were seen together during Adrenaline MMA’s first show. The whole Sylvia and Mikula rumor was never confirmed but it wasn’t really ever denied. So towards the end of the interview, Ariel decided to go straight to one of the sources and try and get the scoop. Arlovski said he didn’t care and didn’t want to talk about it. Then, Ariel got a very humorous answer regarding a question Arlovski has for Sylvia that might not be safe for work.

Maybe I just have a juvenile sense of humor, but the line, as well as the delivery, still have me cracking up. In fact, it keeps getting more funny every time I watch it.

7/19/08 7:26:16AM
rofl. Pretty funny mainly because of his accent.
7/19/08 10:10:17AM
Definitely quote of the year
7/19/08 10:35:39AM
That is the most bitchin beard ever.

AA is the man.
7/19/08 11:24:15AM
Oh my god that is funny
7/19/08 3:01:28PM

Posted by matt_black

Definitely quote of the year

LMAO, never laughed so hard off an MMA quote before. totally outta the blue.
7/20/08 5:25:26AM
Tim's having a bad week, first he gets annihilated by Fedor, now he has to think about Arlovski's pee pee ever time he gets busy.
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