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6/23/07 2:49:30PM
I think that would be a good way to ensure fighters would stay active and take some chances. If they refuse to fight proper let the judges call it a No Contest due to inactivity.

On one hand, Sure, the way the judges have been calling fights nowadays(Guida/Griffin) a lot of controversy could come of this


On the otherhand it could encourage the fighters to go for the win before its left in the hands of the judges.

Maybe even penalize the fighters if it were to go to a "No Contest due to Inactivity" with fines, suspensions or other things of the sorts.
6/23/07 3:39:26PM
This has been brought up before and I like the idea of a yellow card system similar to PRIDE with purse deduction but with a major difference, there should be a 3 man panel to review it before they start taking cash from these guys.

Too much power in the hands of one person is bad
6/23/07 7:13:15PM
I thought this was a thread on the Koscheck-Diego fight. My bad.
6/23/07 10:22:12PM
Why does there have to be action? It is a sport. When a fight is stood up it is so it becomes more exciting.
I understand that the UFC wants to make more money through entertainment, but i personally wish there was no such thing as stand ups or yellow cards.
I remember back int he day..... Igor Zionenv vs Mario Sperry. Mario spent almost 13 mins (i think) mounted on Igor. Igor basically held him until he got a chance to sweep Mario at which point he finished him with strikes.
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