UFC HW Contenders Are Of No Consequence To Brock Lesnar

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6/17/09 10:26:14AM
Even though his next foe, Frank Mir, has already beaten him in UFC, Brock Lesnar doesn't really feel threatened by any of the top contenders in the Heavyweight division. That being said, he also says he's keeping everything in perspective and keeping it real.

6/17/09 10:46:08AM
I wouldn't be too worried if I were him either. He's twice the size of most of them. I think Lesnar will stay a force in the HW division for anyone for a very long time.
6/17/09 10:58:32AM

i dont think he should actively worry that someone is going to walk all over him, but he's not exactly perfect and does need to still train hard. it seems like he knows that from the article though.
6/17/09 11:11:21AM
It's going to be tough for me to bet against the guy.
6/17/09 11:12:40AM
Mir is taking his arm home !!!!!
6/17/09 12:24:15PM
He makes a point, but unfortunately for him, Frank mir is the exception, and that'll be proved when Mir subs him again.
6/17/09 3:33:03PM
"It poses a whole other threat now, with people gunning for you and not just me trying to climb the ladder …"

Yeah, you really had to "climb the ladder" Brock, with 3 fights before your title shot. Sounds like a long, arduous climb... NOT!
6/19/09 1:24:06AM
It's kind of embarrassing that a former UFC champion will have a 3-2 record.

I think Lesnar will be fine after he gets more experience, but I'm not sure he'll be champion again for a while.

I know plenty will disagree, but I think Mir might be able to be a relatively dominant force in UFC's HW division. Back in '04, when he first became champion, he was unstopable.
Mir's fight iq, submission savy and improved striking will make him too much for Lesnar
6/27/09 6:47:23AM
Isn't it sad that Brock has only been in MMA for 2 years and he has a better stand up game then former world champ Frank Mir. Not to mention a more dominate ground game. Mir beating Brock is the equivalent of Serra beating GSP. Yes Serra won but we all knew it was a fluke and GSP was a better fighter. Same goes here. Mir beat Brock but we all know Brock is better and he'll prove it at UFC100 and then what's everyone gonna say? Let's see him beat Carwin? Which is the only real threat for Brock in the UFC. But even then I still put my money on Brock.
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