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11/6/07 6:50:34PM
I'll admit, I haven't been watching this show, but I have watched before, and it's a decent show. Are you guys on here watching it? Appearantly, the finale is on tonight. I had no idea. I just saw a promo on ESPN during SC. I looked up the two fighters, and here they are:

Jaidon Codrington
Age: 23
Record: 16-1 (12 KO's)

Codrington is a former nat'l Golden Gloves champ, and he brings a classic mix of power and speed. He has no clear weakness, and opponents are lucky to make it to the later rounds.

Sakio Bika
Age: 28
Record: 22-3-2 (14 KO's)

Bika represented Cameroon in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and now lives there. He has several title bouts on his record, including the Australian MW title and New South Wales State MW title.
11/6/07 7:04:14PM
Hell yeah I'm watching!

Sakio is was to wild with his strikes and relies on his pure strength too much IMO. I think Jaidon is going to pick him apart, but what do I know I thought Sam was going to beat Sakio again...
11/6/07 7:20:24PM
Ya its a good show.I dont get to watch the final until sunday here in Ireland.Jaidon is definatly the better fighter but sakio has a lot of power.
11/7/07 4:16:10AM
That was a crazy fight, Bika must have a stone head (except the first round), he had no defense at all. Bika is a bomb throwing machine. No jabs at all.
11/7/07 3:28:24PM
That was seriously one of the best fights I've EVER seen.
11/7/07 3:37:47PM

Posted by fedorwins1

That was seriously one of the best fights I've EVER seen.

haha yeah that was hands down the best boxing match the contender has had

that could even be a fight of the year candidate, it was that great

it looked like jaidons chin isnt as bad as everyone thought after that allen green fight, he took a lot of bombs from sakio and wouldnt go down.
11/8/07 2:13:35AM
I'm am a HUGE boxing fan and all I could do after that fight...

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