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1/30/09 3:38:51AM
Hopefully I'm not considered a troll for this but I felt I had to share with any other zombie fans.

AUSTIN (KXAN) - Austin drivers making their morning commute were in for a surprise when two road signs on a busy stretch of road were taken over by hackers. The signs near the intersection of Lamar and Martin Luther King boulevards usually warn drivers about upcoming construction, but Monday morning they warned of "zombies ahead."


in the site it linked me to a Zombie survival site friggin awesome so I had to join.

Seriously MMA and zombies... where would this world be without the two. If I was driving down the road and saw this road sign I'd have to load up the shotty instantly.
1/30/09 4:42:14AM
Comical stuff there. Makes you wonder how tough that is to pull off. I know I used my first Palm Pilot as a universal remote and turned on a few TV's when the situation arised, but nothing to this degree.


Hartley said though it was a locked sign, the padlock for it was cut. Signs such as these have a computer inside that is password-protected.

Wow, just googled how to "hack" those signs...In another life, this would have been an evening's worth of fun.
1/30/09 11:14:33AM
ive never redone a sign but i have stolen a few. most noteably when i was 15/16 somewhere in there me and some friends stole a police radar unit.(you know the portable ones iwth a tow hitch they put up around towns that say how fast your going) took it to the top of twin sisters(BIG MOUNTAIN AROUND HERE WE USED TO GO AND PARTY) and rolled it down
1/30/09 2:44:48PM
I love stuff like this. No real harm done.

We used to steal the flashing yellow lights off of construction signs back in the day.
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