What Is Considered A KO?

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8/7/08 7:19:04PM
So this may seem like a stupid question, but i started to wonder what is considered A KO and what is considered a TKO.

EX: If GSP knocks down Fitch with a punch and jumps ontop of him and feeds him a few extra punches or elbows to finish him off, is that considered a KO or a TKO?
8/7/08 7:24:16PM

If the fighter is literally unconscious at the time the fight is stopped its a ko

If the fighter is getting punched in the face over and over defending or not but is still conscious its a tko
8/7/08 7:26:51PM
Thank you. Exactly what i was looking for.
8/7/08 7:54:35PM
Technically he's right. I want to add tho that this question is the reason that officially it's usually just called a (t)ko. It's simple and they don't have to differentiate agains argument. Many ppl complained for a long time about what was officially called one way or the other on public records, so they just eliminated the argument.
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