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POLL: Do you like joe rogan as UFC commentator?
Yes 93% (99)
No 7% (8)
1/24/07 6:07:30PM
He has a great knowledge of MMA and the fighters which is something Goldie does not have. My only beef with Rogan is I find he cvan be biased sometimes.
1/24/07 6:19:37PM
I personally think he's annoying. But it doesn't deter me from watching UFC. I liked it when they had Randy on there in his place (probably won't be possible till he hangs up the gloves again) and I really think they should try and pick up Bas. Rutten owned MMA and now he owns MMA commentating!
1/24/07 9:18:44PM
I like him alot more than goldie, i wish the ufc would hire Bas to replace goldie. How sweet would that be?
1/24/07 9:21:17PM
He's pretty good... for the most part he knows what he's talking about.... I still like Bas the best... he puts more color in color commentary than Joe...
1/25/07 3:19:49AM
i like him alot better than trigg
1/25/07 4:22:55AM

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Posted by strikefirstgear

I saw an old UFC event from long ago the other day and 5 minutes of listening to the commentators made me really appreciate Rogan, Couture and even Goldberg.

His history as a kickboxing competetor and current involvement in MMA makes him the best in the business.

All come on man, you didn't like listening to Jim Brown trying to figure out what Royce was doing when in the cage!!!! It is hilarious to go back and listen to it. Of course I didn't have a clue what Royce was doing either.

I especially miss the guy in the cheap sport coat announcing the fights to be prior to Bruce Buffer days. Or should I say Bruce Buffer Buffer.
1/25/07 3:10:38PM
IMO, Joe is second only to Randy. Joe has a better voice, but Couture really gets inside the fighters' heads. ex: when he predicted GSP wouldn't let the cup shots change his gameplan, and George kept throwing kicks to Matt's inner thigh... He always calls these things well.

Goldie is just filler.
1/25/07 3:28:19PM
Rogan knows his shit, the only thing i dont like is when hes really high he loves to say HES ROCKED
1/26/07 8:46:42AM
Nah, I hold a grudge against him for his blatantly unapologetic misinformation from his early UFC gigs. Also he's the most biased commentator to wear a headset in almost any sport.
1/30/07 5:21:09PM
UFC fights just wouldn't be the same without hearing Joe's commentary along with the fight. He makes it more exciting than it already is. Goldberg comes off as someone who is only there to receive a paycheck....and why does he have to stare at Joe for long periods of time while Joe is commentating? Makes you wonder about him... Bas Rutten and Joe Rogan would be a great combo...although i could see minor arguments that might arise because they both like to correct others. Too bad El Guapo is busy with the IFL.
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1/30/07 5:29:10PM
I think the poll speaks for itself. Rogan knows whats up in the mma game.
1/30/07 6:00:24PM
Joe Rogan is a quality commentator who brings excitement into fights, "Right on the button", has become Joes trademark and hopefully he can stay in the UFC for years to come. Joe has a vast amount of knowledge on the sport of both MMA and traditional martial arts, being a 3rd degree taekwondo black belt, and a BJJ brown belt. You've got a commentator, comedian, and martial artist all in one what more can you ask for (please don't say Bas Rutten ).
1/30/07 7:06:33PM
I used to dislike his commentary but i dont know if hes gotten better but i think he is a pretty good commentator now
1/30/07 9:26:42PM
would rather have Joe than Randy thats for sure, Randy just has that bore to him on the mic
1/30/07 9:52:19PM
Joe Rogan is outstanding and the best commentator in UFC by far. He does seem to love the kimora though...

Side note: If you want to see Joe Rogan at his funniest check out the link. I apologize if this has already been posted, I didn't read through every post. Rogan and the heckler
1/30/07 10:58:11PM
Rogans the shizznit. I like him a lot, the guy is funny as ****.
1/31/07 1:51:33AM
I think Joe Rogan is an alright commentator, his lines like "he's a different kind of striker" and his blatant dislike of Goldberg can be hilarious!
2/1/07 5:41:37PM
I like Joe as a commentator but when he interview the "stars" in the audience he's always yelling and that's pretty annoying. He knows a ton about MMA and is a true fan so I like listening to him.
1/26/13 6:00:21PM
Hell yeah he is.. Informative yet not overly technical. and more importantly genuine... although sometimes he gets caught up in the moment a little too easily
1/29/13 6:12:14PM
I think Rogan is a great commentator, mainly for one reason: An unmatchable passion for the sport. He has been in the UFC since what, UFC 12? Not only does he love the sport he's watching, but he's watched a shitload. He's also trained in multiple martial arts, so he's got great insight on certain techniques. I remember him calling out the twister when Chan Sung Jung beat Leonard Garcia, which a vast majority of people wouldn't be able to identify.
1/29/13 11:14:04PM
a 6 year old thread bumped?

yes I like Rogan, but at times he is too focused on one fighter and can be quite biased.
1/30/13 12:31:04AM
He's entertaining to hear
1/31/13 12:26:59AM
Without Joe Rogan, the UFC would not be the UFC. Yes, he's louder than a high dollar hooker, but anytime he isnt commentating its almost disappointing for me.
1/31/13 11:44:01AM
I like Rogan. The only problem is that sometimes he comes off as a know it all. But other then that he knows his shit
1/31/13 12:00:56PM
i think rogan is the greatest commentator of any sport period. his deep knowledge of the sport, his perfect streaming of syllables, his well placed humor, his masterfully managed enthusiasm, and the ultimate timbre of his voice...yes it truly isnt a ufc event without him. of the entire motley crew cast of ufc notables i treasure joe rogan above all (im not being sarcastic joe rogan absolutely kicks ass as a commentator).
2/1/13 1:23:57PM
The commentry is dull when Joe is not doing it, he gets carried away, fan like. The only down side is if he has a favorite fighter, no matter how much punishment he takes, he only ever sees his homie's strikes, not his opponents, I would love to see him opposite Bas
2/2/13 3:40:04PM
Honestly he has his moments but for the most part I would not consider him a good commenator. He's usually got bias and he makes some pretty inapropriate jokes at times.
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