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8/18/08 5:39:45PM
In our sport of MMA who do you consider the most disrespectful and respectful fighters in all of MMA. If saying who you think is disrectful is considered fighter bashing then I want a mod to delete this topic. But my intent is not to get myself or anybody else in trouble. I just want to see what the great bodies and minds on this forum think. I will wait for some thoughts before I reply myself. I repeat if a mod considers this fighter bashing simply delete this topic and I will be supportive of that. Alright guys lay it on the line homies.
8/18/08 6:01:54PM
this is ez Melvin Guillard disresctful and GPS respectful imo
8/18/08 6:08:27PM
a good choice for most respectful would be rich franklin, the way he had his hometown not boo the spida.....most disrespectul would be matt hughes....seriously, your not that good and never really were, you just benefited during a time when you could, now all you do is talk smack about fighters that whupped ya
8/18/08 6:21:02PM

Posted by Dooletchetoreh

if a mod considers this fighter bashing simply delete this topic and I will be supportive of that. Alright guys lay it on the line homies.

The topic at hand is not fighter bashing (i.e. saying I think fighter A is disrespectful is not fighter bashing), especially if the opinion is based on an observation.

However, this thread has potential to draw out fighter bashing comments, so everyone should word their posts carefully.

Based on what I have seen in the various events, most of the fighters are pretty respectful. Some stand out more than others. If I had to mention a few names I would say GSP, Gurgel, Franklin, Joe Stevenson and Randy

Fighters exhibiting what I would call disrespectful behaviour: Clementi, Guillard, Sorbral, Charles Bennet, Karo, Tito Ortiz to name a few.

There are a lot of inbetween cases, but I am not going to get into that. Basically they just involve excessive trash talking.
8/18/08 6:54:20PM
disrespectful= tito ortiz

respectful= probably GSP . but idk theres a lot of guys i can think of right here
8/18/08 7:13:13PM
respectful: A.Silva (now..not in the start of his career)

direspectful: Karo
8/18/08 7:27:13PM
imo the two most disrespectfull fighters are actually related manny G and karo. i will never frogive manny for his fake hand shake leg kick im sure we all remeber that. as far as respectfull go todays anderson is a class guy also franklin.but id also consider forest pretty respectfull hes not real cocky hes pretty strait up when keith khtfo he said he got knocked the fu@# out and ran away but in a respectfull manner non the less.
8/18/08 7:31:32PM
Disrespectful: Thiago Alves
Respectful: Rich Franklin
8/18/08 7:40:34PM
I dont want guys saying multiple guys, simply who you feel is most disrespectful and most respectful. If your torn between a few guys, pick the guy you think deserves it the most for both categories. To me most disrespectful is Matt Hughes. Im a take a cue here from Rush, I dont want to get into trouble. Forget about fighting, how I feel about Matt Hughes as a person, I think he has a bad soul. There are so many examples of this. Look at him as a coach. I will never forget when the Team Serra guys where simply asking Hughes if he would be there for him, and Matt Hughes plainly told them he could care less. My mouth dropped open. They where not asking any favors of Matt Hughes they only where asking for his trust as a coach. Do you remember that whole GSP thing, where he said "I am not impressed with your performance", well many forgot that was a reply to Matt Hughes who said that prior to that fight. Remember Matt Hughes and Sean Sherk laughing when GSP got knocked out, have you seen GSP act that way when Matt Hughes has been fount as the real fighter he is. And now GSP is dominating upon dominationg and you wanna talk about fighter bashing. The real figher basher is Matt Hughes. Writing on his blog about GSP's fight about Fitch not being a great one. Not only was that disrespectful to GSP, it was disrespectful to Jon Fitch who showed heart and put his life on the line that night. Forget GSP, I would love to see Matt get in there with Fitch, Im taking Fitch all day in that. So really I dont have to say this and that about Matt Hughes, he's making himself look bad all on his own. Hes the true fighter basher.

As for respectful, its Anderson Silva. Most respectful guy I have seen in any combat sport ever. Amazing person, Anderson God Bless you, I get goose bumps watching you fight, and your a incredible human. We could all learn so much from you.
8/18/08 7:55:31PM
Disrespectful (head and shoulders above the rest) = Tito
Respectful = A. Silva
8/18/08 8:03:45PM
Disrespectful-Karo is up there and I always thought Nick Diaz was as well.

Respectful- Anderson Silva is amazingly respectful after he wins. Machida is also a very notable one not mentioned yet
8/18/08 8:05:25PM

Posted by TWITA

Disrespectful (GIGANTIC HEAD above the rest) = Tito
Respectful = A. Silva

fixed for ya!
8/18/08 8:30:07PM
The most disrespectful guy of recent times is with out doubt BJ. I don't get how anyone can argue otherwise. As a fighter he is phenomenal but personality wise he's disrespectful, loud mouthed, brash, arrogant, over confident and comes across as a ego maniac.
You just have to look at the way his last few fights have been built up.
Sherk regardless of his feelings towards him was and still is a amazing fighter, the same with Pulver and Hughes and BJ was rude, arrogant and plain nasty about all of them. Even to a lesser extent he was disrespectful to Stevenson.
I don't get why he is this way especially as his record is so good. Everyone knows he's a amazingly talented fighter so it rubs me the wrong way when he's disrespectful to every opponent he faces.

The most respectful fighter I personally think is Rich Franklin or GSP. Neither fighter has ever said a bad word about any of their opponents, they are both always respectful both in victory and defeat. A lot of guys could take note from these too.

8/18/08 8:35:53PM
Respectful - Anderson Silva; gracious winner

Disrespectful - BJ Penn; in love with himself

*Also, there are plenty of celebrations that border on unsportsmanlike. I'm usually leniant, thinking its a right to celebrate a little. But I hate when BJ licks his gloves after the fight. IMO its gross and disrespectful
8/18/08 9:25:38PM
If I only name on each

Respectful - GSP
Disrespectful - Karo
8/18/08 9:42:00PM
Why all the hate for Karo. All he did was say "Do you know what I am". And who was he saying it to. Nate Diaz, not exactly the epitome of class. Take out that whole TUF episode what has Karo ever done. And even that was totally blown out of proportion. That was more Karo being full of himself than being that dispresctful. Karo is getting too much hate. He's usually pretty respectful of his opponents. I think the Karo haters are getting personal pride and disrespect mixed up.
8/18/08 10:21:21PM
Disrespectful-> Nick/Nate Diaz

Respectful-> Forrest
8/18/08 10:31:18PM
Respectful- Rich Franklin all the way. i will quote SmileR and say that if I had a daughter he could date her and I wouldn't even worry

Disrespectful- Nick Diaz. i like the guy but he is one disrespectful SOB. he has too many antics to list.
8/18/08 10:48:01PM
respect= GSP
disrespect= Hughes
8/18/08 11:05:58PM
i think the most disrespectful is Lessnar and the most respectful is GSP.
8/18/08 11:13:33PM
Disrespectful- Brock lesner
Respectful- franklin

but there is a lot of both
8/19/08 12:20:50AM
Disrepectful-Nick Diaz

Repectful-Anderson Silva- that is until you disrespect him by not making weight
8/19/08 12:55:06AM
GSP is definetely the most respectful. The final round he actually went to hug Fitch. I'm all for respect but save it for after the match George.

Most disrespectful is close. Nick Diaz(although he's surprisingly respectful in Japan) and BJ Penn.

Well it didn't take him long to get banned.
8/19/08 1:05:40AM

Well it didn't take him long to get banned.

haha yeah. I saw that one coming a mile away.
8/19/08 1:08:05AM
disrespect after last fight kongo
respect got to go to gsp
8/19/08 1:20:05AM
Respectful: GSP
Disrespectful: Nick/Nate Diaz (regardless of how disrespectful they are i still like both of them and find them exciting to watch)

***Honorable Mention***
Matt Hamill is one of the most respectful guys i've ever seen in the octagon
8/19/08 2:36:41AM

Posted by holt8081

Disrespectful- Brock lesner

COME ON!!!!!!
8/19/08 2:39:05AM
8/19/08 2:41:59AM

Posted by mrkennedy

Posted by holt8081

Disrespectful- Brock lesner

COME ON!!!!!!

he rode HH like a bull towards the end and his antics were very unprofessional...holt has a solid argument imo.
8/19/08 3:17:44AM
Bisping was pretty disrespectful after his shady decision victory against Matt Hamill.

Rich Franklin is always super respectful, as is GSP and Anderson Silva.
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