A Confusion Of Crucifixes

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6/23/08 11:44:56PM
this link should help some.Link
6/24/08 1:23:53AM
There are still a bajillian Crucifixes. They need to specify body position (top or bottom) and crank or gi. Plus there's a standing can opener move/ crucifix that wrestler like to use off the double underhook sprawl.

They need to name them.
6/24/08 1:27:20AM
Im not shure why there are only 2 here.
6/24/08 10:03:51AM
Agreed.. .there's a ton more crucifixes. Including the ones we've seen most- the beat down position.
6/24/08 9:09:26PM
if you red the article at the very end it said there are others... I think hte point of it was to give you a basic idea of what makes a crucifix.