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12/31/12 1:52:15PM
Chael Sonnen is somehow the #1 contender at light heavyweight, Machida and Henderson were fighting to be #1 contender until Gustafsson beat Rua to earn the honor. But now Dana White says Daniel Cormier might somehow be next for Jon Jones.

12/31/12 1:54:18PM
All these so-called #1 contenders, run a little tourney
12/31/12 1:54:52PM

Posted by BuffaloDave

All these so-called #1 contenders, run a little tourney

now that would just make too much sense
12/31/12 2:10:26PM
just another thing dana said lol
12/31/12 2:14:56PM
If Dana says everybody is next for Jones, then he won't be totally lying
12/31/12 2:43:38PM
I herd Faber is going up to 205
12/31/12 3:54:27PM
DC probably has the best shot at JJ. I just wish he had time to develop his striking a little bit.
12/31/12 4:02:27PM
i know it's just another DW comment but i would love to see DC move down and fight jones. i think we would see jones have to stay on the feet because of DC's wrestling superiority. Make it happen Dana
12/31/12 4:11:13PM
If Cormier's chin is as good as his wrestling, I think he probably beats Jones, but he's going to have to face some adversity to beat Jones.
12/31/12 4:39:05PM

Posted by postman

I herd Faber is going up to 205

It's actually Kenny Florian
12/31/12 6:05:48PM
there's too much "politics" in choosing who the next "contenders" are for every weight class...people who deserve it more don't always get it
12/31/12 8:57:30PM
I agree it's annoying when they just throw random title fights together at times. Actually though, the UFC does an OK job of getting guys title fights when they deserve it. A bland guy needs more wins than a box office draw like a Sonnen or Faber but overall, if you keep winning, you get your shot eventually.

Also, let's be honest, Cormier looks like he would obliterate Hendo, Gustaffson or Sonnen anyway.
12/31/12 10:05:42PM
Midget Mini-Me Cormier needs to go on a Rampage diet.....then get a step-ladder in order to fight Daddy ChaCha.....good luck with both Danny.
1/1/13 3:33:29PM
Dana needs to think before he speaks
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