UFC Confirms Tim Sylvia Released From Contract

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3/28/08 8:18:39PM
UFC has confirmed that Tim Sylvia was released from his contract, which had one fight left. Sylvia's announcement, believed to be he is leaving UFC, perhaps for M-1 Global, will be made on tonight's Inside MMA show on HD-Net.

3/28/08 8:22:31PM
I hope the grass is greener for Big old Timmy

I also hope the UFC can do somthing about their lagging HW div.
3/28/08 8:48:29PM
Unlike boxing that needs the HW division to be the most recognizable division to prosper, MMA doesnt. I know everyone wants a stacked division regardless of weight class, but MMA HWs are hard to come by. Most LHW walk around at 220-225 , so that right there takes away from the division. Now we are up to 230+ lbs that cant be any shorter than 6'1. And IMO that would be it. Probably 6'2, but scrape by at 6'1. With a few exceptions (Fedor).

So here we are looking at 6'2 230 and we can pretty much count out the Japanesse for a whole lot of help. The Russians dont have the numbers in MMA, not for sure about their average size. So we are left with the Brazillians and Americans stick piling the HW division. And 6'2 guys in America are LB'ers and 3rd basemen. Hopefully the popularity of MMA will lead to more HW collegiate wrestlers taking a stab at it.
3/28/08 9:09:00PM
There are several fights I would like to see happen outside the UFC with Sylvia. Fujita would be interesting matchup, although i think tim would win that fight. Barnett would give sylvia fits and in my opinion submit him. antonio big foot silva would be fun to watch.
With Fedor not under contract with M1 global I would have to assume he will be announcing that he is going to fight with them.
3/29/08 1:04:39AM
you can check tim sylvia nearly barfs on Inside MMA

LINK (video)

Notable Tim quote #1: “I’m out of the UFC for a couple years, and maybe I go back. I want to end my career in the UFC…Right now, this is the best thing for me.”

— Notable Tim quote #2: “There’s a guy out there named Fedor who I’d like to fight, and I think the only way that’s gonna happen is by me leaving the UFC.”

Holy crap! Can you imagine if Tim got a crack at Fedor before Randy Couture? It seems a little shocking that Dana White would let Tim leave the UFC without putting up a fight (Sylvia had one match left on his current contract), but maybe this is just an elaborate scheme to screw Randy. Dana, you brilliant asshole!

3/29/08 12:37:52PM
I'm actually sad big Tim left. I liked the guy because he looked like a big ol red neck who would smoke a pack of Reds and drink some High Life in the locker room before a fight.
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