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3/10/09 8:01:23AM
Im looling foward to this one as it shoud be an interesting main event. Is condit legit or did he just not face quality fighters in the wec? How does everyone see this playong out? I think condit should take it to the ground and try and work his submission game.
3/10/09 8:46:47AM
Its a tough one, cuz like you said, no one knows how legit Condit is yet or he stacks up against ufc ww's. Im thinking he takes Kampmann down like you said, but works GnP, as I dont see Kampmann getting submitted (very underated jj). Probably pounds kampmann out rd 2.
3/10/09 8:49:19AM
I like Kampman here. My guess is thsi fight will be fought on the feet, and I think he has the better standup.
3/10/09 9:09:42AM
Although this is a big step up from WEC for Condit I still believe in "riding the hot hands", so I'm picking Condit in what could be a mild upset.
3/10/09 9:17:04AM
Kampmann's pretty tough. He took shots at Middleweight from heavy hitters like Drew McFedries without getting KO'd. Now he's fighting at 170, so I'd expect him to be a lot stronger and able to take huge punches at that weight.

Also- don't forget Kampmann was a european kickboxing champ
3/10/09 10:17:29AM
Picking COndit, Kampmann might be the real deal if he beats Carlos, but I just see Carlos being the better fighter
3/10/09 10:25:01AM
I'm 100% confident in picking the Hitman.
3/10/09 10:54:08AM

Posted by emfleek

I'm 100% confident in picking the Hitman.

me too COndit gonna get squash
3/10/09 11:55:43AM
I think Condit will sub Kempmann in the first round.
3/10/09 11:56:19AM
well....i think both are already legit fighters.....condit has faced and beat some tough dudes before he entered the wec, and hes only improved since then.....kampann faced and beat some good middleweights before he moved to ww, one of those guys being the newest title challenger to andersons throne.......this fight could go either way.....striking i think is about even...both are muay thai guys....technique i would give to kampmann, but condit makes up for it with aggression and his technique is good too...power is about even as well, both have shown that they wear down opponents as opposed to one punch ko's.....neither have utilized good headmovement but condit has shown the better counter striking .....both have pretty good chins, but i have yet seen carlos get stopped on strikes so based on that alone i give the edge to him, but kampann has shown he can take a punch ....wrestling id give to kampann who i think has underated wrestling, escpially training with coutures camp....condit has shown a weakness there, but im sure hes learning alot at azcs were they have a ton of all americans at theyre disposal....ground game, in my book, is suprisingly even....both have good submission games, but they play into each others strengths being the key....carlos hasnt really shown too much of a top game but he has shown an excellent bottom game....weres as kampmann is the opposite, he hasnt really shown a bottom game, but has shown an excellent top they might negate each other there...but i doubt we will see too much ground game.....gas tanks are about even and strength it would seem would go to martin, but with the camp switch, we might see a stronger condit in this fight......i also doubt that carlos will have the ufc jitters given that he has seen a pretty big national stage with the wec, and plus he doenst seem like the type that would affect the end tho, i think carlos will out work martin for a decision win in an exciting fight
3/10/09 12:39:55PM
I didint wanna create yet another kampmann/condit av bet thing, so here it is. Anyone who's confident enough about condit subbing kampmann (**cough** tepid55) should step up to an av bet with me, for I am 100% sure that the Hitman will take condit down, i have no doubt about the outcome of the fight. So anyone who wants repond to my challenge go ahead and drop me a pm.
3/10/09 1:09:55PM
This is a battle between two well rounded fighters. I don't really see either finishing each other. I think Kampmann takes a barn burner UD though.
3/10/09 1:57:50PM
I'm taking Martin by late TKO, or possibly a UD...i can't decide.
I'm definitely taking Kampmann though.
3/10/09 3:36:04PM
I'll take Kampmann in this fight. Condit is a great fighter but so is Kampmann plus Condit has a lot of preasure on him. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there dying to see how Condit stacks up against his new competition. If Martin can keep it standing he should have the advantage but you just can't sleep on Condit's ground game. It should be a great fight.
3/10/09 3:40:27PM
Condit takes this and then gets a band wagon because of how good he is going to look.

that was my prediction for the day
3/10/09 4:39:32PM
If 9-6 Hiromitsu Miura can use his judo to ragdoll Condit, then I think it's safe to say that Kampman's wrestling will be more than enough to take Condit down at will. If a well decorated BJJ grappler like Thales Leites who has placed third in the World BJJ championship, can't submit Kampman off his back, then I doubt Condit has the BJJ skills nessecary to finish him. On the feet it's about dead even, so I expect Kampman to dictate the fight where he has the advantage which is on the mat.

Xtreme Couture just seems to make mincemeat out of guys with less than stellar TD defense. Expect a lopsided decision in Kampman's favor.
3/10/09 8:45:26PM
This is a very tough fight to call, I'm leaning torwards Kampman but Condit is such a wild card, who knows whether or not he is legit.
3/10/09 9:28:20PM
kampmann is better on the feet by a long shot and has been to the big show before. condit has a very good ground game, but kampmann has been able to hang with bigger BJJ BB's so i dont see him getting caught and his wrestling is very solid so he can control from the top, hes at coutures gym for crying out loud.
3/14/09 4:59:44PM
Kampmann is better technically on the feet, but he was better than Drew McFedries technically too and he was losing the standup battle there. He should have been a better striker than Marquardt and he lost that battle. Kampmann has shown that he will wilt if pressured on the feet and Condit's not going to give him time to breathe while standing. That said if Kampmann can get the fight to the ground he MIGHT have an advantage. I don't think Kampmann will get subbed from the bottom but he might get swept. I do think that if Condit gets on top his BJJ is good enough to keep him there and I think he can hit Kampmann hard enough to rattle him on the feet.
3/14/09 7:50:15PM

Posted by cowcatcher

kampmann is better on the feet by a long shot and has been to the big show before. condit has a very good ground game, but kampmann has been able to hang with bigger BJJ BB's so i dont see him getting caught and his wrestling is very solid so he can control from the top, hes at coutures gym for crying out loud.

Couldnt have said it better. WAR THE HITMAN!!!! Kampman KO 2nd
3/15/09 10:44:03AM
I think Kampmann's striking is better and his ground game is enough to not get submitted by Condit.
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