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1/29/09 6:53:13PM
Less than 24 hours after the WEC officially scrapped a March 1 co-main event between welterweight champion Carlos Condit and challenger Brock Larson, the organization may be taking the preliminary steps in eliminating the entire 170-pound division.

Sources close to the event have alerted that Condit has signed on for an April 1 main-event bout with Martin Kampmann. first reported the possibility of the bout for UFC Fight Night 18, tentatively scheduled for Nashville, Tenn.

1/29/09 6:54:33PM
This will be a good fight.IMO
1/29/09 7:23:56PM
this is a great test for Condits first UFC fight. i'm taking Kampmann in this, but i expect a great fight.
1/29/09 7:27:52PM
going for Condit
1/29/09 7:29:42PM
wow...this could be bad for Kampmann, especially for his second fight at 170.
1/29/09 7:54:28PM
This fight night is going to be interesting for sure. I'm interested in watching Junie again, Bader's first real fight, now Condit's first UFC appearance. I like it a lot.
1/29/09 8:01:29PM
I think it's good and bad really. I would rather see this fight over another Condit/Larson fight but, it kind of sucks that these WEC Champs are losing their titles to "come up to the UFC". Of course they would rather have UFC belts...but that's a tough road.
Personally I think they should scrap the WEC all together.
They should keep their VS. channel contract and still have a monthly would just be under the moniker of the UFC.
So then we would get 1 UFC PPV a month (or when there is competition 2 UFC PPVs....come on guys...3x $44.95 is rough), 1 monthly event on VS. and our misc. Fight Nights and TUF Finales on Spike.
All weight classes would be covered.
Do it guys!
Condit vs. Kampmann.
This is a tough fight for Carlos Suave.
Just like Condit's last fight I think he will be tested hard but will triumph in the end.

1/29/09 8:37:41PM
Great fight. Can't wait for this one.
1/29/09 8:43:14PM
called it
1/29/09 9:19:44PM
Kampmann all the way
1/29/09 10:31:04PM

Posted by Pookie

Kampmann all the way

1/29/09 11:03:12PM
The "hitman" destorys the "natural born killer", tko ground and pound or pounded into a submission.
1/30/09 12:01:27AM
Absolute WAR! I think that Kampmann gets the better of it, but I would not be surprised to see it go the other way. I'm excited.
1/30/09 1:26:05AM
Kampman will take this here i think..........and hope
1/30/09 3:01:21AM
This will for sure be a hot bout!
I´m pumped for this one!
1/30/09 8:39:52AM
Kampmann wins. No question about it.
2/19/09 4:11:58PM
I think Condit is going to surprise people and smoke Kampmann.
2/19/09 8:28:32PM
I'm not a fan and not a big believer in him, but for some reason I see Condit winning this fight.
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