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2/19/09 4:30:01AM
haven't seen any posts on this fight so i'm curious what the playground thinks...
personally i'm a fan of both fighters but i've always felt that condit would get owned by the elite wrestlers in the ufc's ww division
it's ironic than that his first fight is against a former middleweight contender that is a kickboxer and a submission artist
i see this fight going the hitman's way via a dominant performance on the feet followed by a sub in the 1st or 2nd
what does everyone else think?
2/19/09 6:29:06AM
I find it hard to see it going any other way but the Hitman's way. The hitman is beter everywhere that the fight could possibly go short of a surprising KO or sub, i think Martin Kampmann has this one locked up.
2/19/09 6:36:30AM
This thread I'm linking to has sort of turned into a Condit vs. Kampmann thread since it became official, so go ahead and use this one:

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