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2/18/13 9:51:09PM
With Rory MacDonald forced off the UFC 158 fight card because of an injury, the mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion has plugged in Johny Hendricks, leaving Jake Ellenberger momentarily without a dance partner at Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on March 16, 2013.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) tonight announced the fight card Welterweight shake up shortly after news broke (read more on that here) that "Ares" had no other choice but to bow out of the planned rematch with "Natural Born Killer" that he requested, and received, after defeating B.J. Penn.

It apparently just wasn't meant to be this time around.

Condit, meanwhile, is coming off a loss to division champion Georges St. Pierre, who returned from a serious knee injury to unify the 170-pound belt at UFC 154 via unanimous decision in Dec. 2012. Hendricks, on the other hand, was forced into the Ellenberger bout because Nick Diaz was gifted a title shot even though "Bigg Rigg" was the rightful No. 1 division contender.

2/18/13 9:58:06PM
This is a crazy fight. A tougher one for Hendricks imo.
2/18/13 10:57:11PM
There are reports that Woodley vs Ellenburger now
2/18/13 11:16:17PM
this is a much tougher fight for hendricks than ellenberger in my opinion. I give Condit a pretty significant edge in the striking. Hendricks' power always poses a threat, but I think the best thing for him to do is try and use his wrestling and keep condit on his back for as much of the fight as possible and avoid the excellent sub game Condit has off his back. I love the fight. It makes it super interesting. If Hendricks wins this fight and doesn't get a title shot out of it, I'm calling the system rigged and giving up all hope of the rightful number one contender getting a title shot ever again.
2/18/13 11:18:56PM
BOOOOO! Really wanted to see Rory exact revenge on the Natural Born one!

Butttttttttt.... i cant hate on Condit vs Hendricks! Thats gonna be a barn burner! 2 of the fiercest welterweight beards in the bizz!!!

I hope Ellenbergers new fight is a mind blower !!!!
2/19/13 12:25:46AM

Posted by Budgellism

This is a crazy fight. A tougher one for Hendricks imo.

This is a crazy fight indeed. I don't know if I would say Condit is a tougher draw for Big Rigg though, but at least as difficult for Hendricks as Ellenberger would be. Hendricks lost to Story and had razor thin decisions with Pierce and Koscheck, and Ellenberger fits right into the mold of those three.
2/19/13 1:24:41AM
I'm really excited for this fight but I agree that it's tough for Hendricks having to get by Condit to have his shot at GSP. I kind of wonder how things would have panned out if Rory ran through Condit (not saying that he was going to) and then GSP got by Diaz if Hendricks had gotten sort of laid on for 3 rounds by the juggernaut. Don't misunderstand me at all I think Ellenberger is a great ww, but I could have seen that fight being much more of a wrestling match than this one. I really like Carlos, but I'll be pulling for Hendricks in this one in hopes to see GSP fight another guy with Matt Serra esque power in his hands.
2/19/13 2:04:21AM
Bummed out Rory is out but I really like the idea of Condit vs Hendricks. Tough to call for sure. I wonder who they'll give Ellenberger... so many options lol.
If Woodley is true then that would be a fun fight, I know Marquardt is asking for it which would be cool too. I personally would love to see Maia jump in there.
2/19/13 4:13:14AM

Posted by Budgellism

This is a crazy fight. A tougher one for Hendricks imo.

i agree, tough fight for hendricks. Also heard a rumor of ellenberger vs woodley. Those are both fucking awesome fights.

with the addition of woodley the ww division is crazy ! macdonald vs any of those guys above would be ok with me.
2/19/13 8:06:13AM
Nate marqaudt is fighting Ellenburger
2/19/13 8:13:26AM
I like both these guys but will cheer for Hendricks as he deserves a shot at GSP whilst Condit has already had his.
2/19/13 10:02:44AM
I will crap my pants if Hendricks ends this in the first few minutes.
2/19/13 10:41:08AM
Great fight. Everyone is saying tougher fight for Hendricks. I think its a tougher fight for Condit. Rory is good, but Rory isnt Hendricks good. Hendricks may end it early and finally get his shot.
2/19/13 1:11:20PM
I gotta feeling Hendrix will never get his title shot. Condit UD.