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8/23/07 6:28:31PM
WEC Lightweight Title:
Rob McCullough (c) (Record: 14-3-0)
Richard Crunkilton (Record: 14-1-0)

Cub Swanson (Record: 11-1-0)

WEC Bantamweight Title:
Chase Beebe (c) (Record: 10-1-0)
Rani Yahya (Record: 11-2-0)

Brian Stann (Record: 4-0-0)
Jeremiah Billington (Record: 9-1-0)

Preliminary Bouts:

Donald Cerrone (Record: 7-0-0)
Sergio Gomez (Record: 6-1-0)

John Alessio (Record: 19-10-0)
Marcelo Brito (Record: 6-1-0)

Marcus Hicks (Record: 5-0-0)
Scott McAfee (Record: 5-0-0)

Jesse Forbes (Record: 4-1-0)
Bryan Baker (Record: 4-0-0)

Coty Wheeler (Record: 6-0-0)
Ian McCall (Record: 4-0-0)

Blas Avena (Record: 1-1-0)
Kevin Knabjan (Record: 7-3-1)

Miguel Torres (Record: 18-1-0)
Jeff Bedard (Record: 9-0-0)
8/24/07 3:15:24AM
disappointed that pulver is off card. The WEC & VERSUS mite be losing a lot of viewers due to this
8/28/07 1:45:51AM
I don't agree with that entirely because the whole reason I am going to tune into watch it was for the "Razor" Rob fight.. Besides Faber, he's my favorite to watch.
8/28/07 10:14:11AM
Beebe vs. Yahya is a good matchup, I'm curious to see that battle as well.
8/28/07 10:25:30AM
Yeah a lot of great fights on this card.

What are your predictions and why?

I'm picking Crunkilton at the moment because of his ability to ALWAYS get the fight to the ground and at the same time he can hold his own standing.

Beebe - Yahya is another hard one. Rani doesn't exactly strike me as one of the most athletic 135ers so I think Beebe will be able to muscle him down. The problem with picking Beebe is that it's a 5 round fight and I don't know if he can keep up his wrestling pace for all those rounds without getting caught in a sub.
Yahya is also training with one of the best camps out there in Team Quest Temecula.

Cowboy - Gomez is another tough one. Gomez is intense, in your face and will probably be able to take Cowboy down but Cowboy is extremely well-rounded. He doesn't seem very athletic or have that finishing power in his punches or kicks but his subs seem pretty slick. If Gomez can stay out of the sub attempts I think he wins the fight.

8/29/07 6:36:40PM
this card is awesome even without the lil evil bastard pulver! beebe,crunkilton,razor rob,don cowboy cerrone.....plenty of names on this card.
8/29/07 11:56:14PM
everyone watch Brian Stann's fight, he's gonna be a contender soon.
8/30/07 10:37:07AM
I'm stuck on who to pick for Beebe-Yahya. Pretty tough decision
9/1/07 5:55:09AM
there have been a few changes to the card. i think cub is not fighting on this card. Cowboy is taking on Kenneth Alexander (not Sergio Gomez) and Blas Avena is facing Joe Benoit (not Kevin Knabjan). This is according to the WEC website
9/1/07 10:07:37PM
I've been trying to get them to change the fights so that we can make our predictions on them. No luck so far.
9/3/07 11:32:49PM
I hope Bebee whoops the crawling takedown guy.
9/4/07 12:26:28AM

Posted by matthughes23

disappointed that pulver is off card. The WEC & VERSUS mite be losing a lot of viewers due to this

Im still gonna watch although i was pumped to see Pulver fight on Cable again!
9/4/07 4:37:22AM
After looking at the full official card, had the pulver fight stay on the card, it would've been my fourth most anticipated fight.

1: Razor vs Cleat
2: Stann vs Jeremiah
3: Yayha vs Beebe
4: Pulver vs Swanson
5: Forbes vs Baker

Now Forbes/Baker is my fourth, and Alessio/Brito is my fifth.
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