OK, So Just When Did "Comparable" Come To Mean "Crossover"?

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10/29/09 5:16:20PM
It's almost funny. As a few people might know already, I was in a serious car accident last week that left my old car totaled (physically I'm fine, was shaken up and a little sore from my seat belt but I walked away intact. Wobbly but under my own power) and today I get my rental car and a VERY (and I mean VERY generous settlement check from insurance). They said my rental car would be comparable to what I had before, a compact. So imagine my surprise when I find out that, for at least the next 5 days (maybe longer), I'm driving around in a crossover! They gave me a frakkin' Dodge Caliber! So not only is it a big car, it's practically too big for me! Imagine the adventures I'll have driving to work and back and to do errands around town for a couple days...I could even do a little pimpin' in it.
Just had to share that, hopefully you get some laughs out of my little "adventure". Gotta remember not to floor it like I usually do. I do not trust this thing's brakes.

PS-Insurance determined the other guy was at fault in the accident, which was right. Intersection, I had right-of-way. His insurance accepted responsibility.
10/29/09 10:05:38PM
After witnessing over 200 traffic collision scenes this year alone, it always amazes me what people walk away from.
10/30/09 6:43:58AM
I guess I'm used to it being such a big motor sports/auto racing fan. I think the difference here was he hit the rear corner and not the front. And wearing my seat belt, otherwise I'd have gone through the passenger side.
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