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POLL: Is it bad to the UFC not to reflect the changes of Fight Cards in their publicity?
Yes 45% (5)
No 18% (2)
Yes, but it is not their fault. Blame ESPN or the PPV provider. 18% (2)
I don't care about their business. I just want to watch the fights. 9% (1)
Don King paid for airing that commercial so it should stay "as is". 9% (1)
10/20/08 12:52:05AM

With College Footbal, NFL, NASCAR Sprint Cup and MLB playoffs I've been watching a lot of TV lately. ESPN,tbs,FOX,ABC and NBC. I've been seeing the UFC 90 commercial in some of these (or maybe just ESPN) and they still have Alves vs. Sanchez. I don't know anything about TV contracts and so, but I think this is bad for the UFC if they're trying to get new viewers. For example: "Bob just got lucky and won the lottery so he decides to buy the UFC 90 PPV because he remember back in the day watching men beating the crap out of each other in those death matches plus he have been watching this TV commercial going over and over again. He decides to do some internet search but he is dumb enough not to go to UFC.com and just go to google and type the names of the fighters he saw. He find Sherdog profiles and notice that Diego is from New Mexico, HIS state! Now Bob is really excited and decides to throw a party with all his boxing fans friends to come a watch the death matches at his place Saturday just to find out that his hometown hero was replaced by a hairy dude that looks like the douche that stole his girlfriend in High School..." you know what I mean.

I know that the lower small letters tells you "Fight Card subject to change" but if this is not hard enough(again, I don't know anything about TV business) to do, the UFC should make sure these kind of changes are reflected ASAP in their publicity currently running.

This happens every now and then. I experienced it myself for UFC88 when I found out that Karo-Yoshida was off at the weigh-ins. But that was very last minute and most of the times these changes are in the undercard so publicity doesn't really matter. For UFC 90 the change was made 2 weeks before the event so I think they have a chance to do it.

Am I the only one bothering about this?
10/20/08 12:54:33AM
I would like them to, but with it only a week away it's easy to see why they can't change the ad.
10/20/08 1:33:52AM
I thought they alreay changed it, well aty least on spike it's changed
10/20/08 10:14:43AM
The death matches.
10/20/08 10:16:30AM
While watching UFC 89, they did air a commercial for UFC 90 and it *did* say Alves/Sanchez. HOWEVER...the showed a commercial later on that night and it was changed to Kos/Alves.
10/20/08 10:18:54AM
And by the way...I don't think it hurts anything AS LONG AS they replace a fighter with another high profile fighter. Chances are, if it's a commercial, they're not going to advertise a fight between Wayne Weems and a bag of Doritos. (Doritos via R1 Guillotine, btw). If they're advertising a matchup between two big name guys and one of them pulls out early due to injury, I think they're fine as long as another big name guy steps in to take his place.

You know...like the Kimbo/Shamrock/Petruzelli situation...

10/20/08 11:02:12AM

Posted by emfleek

While watching UFC 89, they did air a commercial for UFC 90 and it *did* say Alves/Sanchez. HOWEVER...the showed a commercial later on that night and it was changed to Kos/Alves.

yep they changed it for Spike, but it still show Diego on ESPN, just watched it.
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