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8/4/08 3:00:39PM
Depending upon whom you ask, Randy Couture resigned or retired from the Ultimate Fighting Championship on October 11, 2007. Since that time, he has been embroiled in a legal battle with the Zuffa owned promotion.

With billionaire Mark Cuban’s company HDNet being one of the main suitors for Couture's services when and if he is ever clear of his legal entanglements with the UFC, both HDNet and Couture were handed a clear blow to their legal efforts in the Texas Court of Appeals on Friday.

HDNet has pursued a declaration stating the finality of Couture’s fight contract with Zuffa and when he would be free to fight for another organization. Its efforts were denied on Friday, however, when the Texas Court of Appeals found that the lower court that was acting on the HDNet litigation had engaged in “a clear abuse of discretion” by permitting it, according to a statement released by Zuffa.

The Texas Court of Appeals granted Zuffa’s Motion to Compel Randy Couture to arbitrate in the District of Nevada, staying all further action by HDNet against Zuffa in the state of Texas.

8/4/08 5:05:39PM
Damn, I'm thinking Randy should just fight however many times his contract says he has to and be done with it.
8/4/08 11:27:14PM
Randy put himself in this mess. The contract was fine when he signed it and he wins 2 fights and now he thinks the 4 fight contract is no good. I don't know who Randy talked to but he really should pimp slap them. From a legal stand point Randy has made some huge mistakes.

1. He lets the IFL market his name.
2. He lets HDnet market his name and agrees to fight for them.
3. Tries to help market Affliction and and goes to the show trying to claim he wants to fight Fedor.
4. Bad mouths the UFC when he first started saying he was leaving the UFC. Not only did he bad mouth the UFC he told lies about the company and his pay.

He did all these things while still under contract with the UFC some of this while he has a pending court case. He might as well go in to the courtroom and flip off the judge. Its also bad that HDnets legal team basically tried to get the case settled out of state (The Texas case the thread is about) . The NV Judge wont take kindly to this and will see it as them trying to over step him/her.
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