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1/21/12 10:37:22AM
I missed rogan and goldie last night
Just didn't feel the same

What's with the NFL music for the Ufc fights
Get rid of it
1/21/12 10:46:51AM
I think Kenny does a good job but yeah I prefer Mikey G and Jroe. And that NFL music is absolutely terrible for the UFC. I expect to see the fighters come down the walkway in full football padding or something.
1/21/12 11:03:33AM
I also prefer the PPV team. For their first event though, it was pretty good. I'd be all for a Rogan/Anik combo.
1/21/12 11:10:43AM
Joe and Mike are so much better. They bring so much more hype and tension.
1/21/12 11:29:01AM
I agree. Anik is alright but Kenny just doesn't do it for me.
1/21/12 11:34:52AM

Posted by grappler0000

I also prefer the PPV team. For their first event though, it was pretty good. I'd be all for a Rogan/Anik combo.

1/21/12 1:24:54PM
For the record, I like Kenny as a fighter and as a person.

Regarding the commentating on the one fight I saw, I felt Florian or Anik was very biased toward Easton in his or their commentating. (I really could't tell who was speaking).

Did anyone else feel the same way?
1/21/12 2:06:33PM
Joe and Goldie are the best. But i thought Kenflo and Anik did pretty well last night.
1/21/12 2:15:19PM
I couldn't tell them apart, but honestly I had the volume down most of the night.

Especially during FUEL stream b/c of commercials.
1/21/12 3:14:45PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

I had the volume down most of the night.

i love watching fights w/ no commentary. i would love an option that allowed no commentary but still got the crowd noise
1/21/12 3:19:31PM
Anik's energy was good I thought, especially when he was in the cage. Florian was alright; he didn't chime in enough.
1/21/12 3:56:39PM
They did fine. Of course nearly everyone is going to prefer the guys who have been working together for over a decade, but for a new team they did a great job.

Only thing that I really wanted Anik to do which Rogan always does is to ask how tight a submission was that was escaped. Like the triangle on Brenneman at the end of round 2. I think it looked like it was on pretty loose, but it's always interesting to hear what the guy who was stuck in it has to say about it.
1/21/12 3:59:01PM
NFL music needs to go!! I am an NFL fan but come on Fox.....that's a cheap easy cop out and its NOT working!
I can't tell their voices apart much either and to be honest they were a little more mellow than the PPV broadcast team.....however they weren't bad....I'd be very hesitant to put them on Par with Joe and Goldie or Bas The Voice.....but all of them put the Bellator team to shame. They have a good pbp guy but the color commentator sucks.
1/21/12 4:01:43PM
Jon Anik is just awful. What did that guy do to get that job? because he truly sucks.
1/21/12 4:04:31PM
Honestly, last night had all the excitement and feeling of a Tachi Palace Fight. Am I the only one who felt that way?

I commented to my roommate right before Guillard-Miller, "dude, does it even feel like we are watching UFC? Because it kind of feels like we're watching some third-rate promotion tonight based on the audience and such"
1/21/12 5:20:11PM
Jon Anik was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs on the commentary. His interviews were ok, but not super. I think Kenny's commentary suffered because he was trying to pick up Jon's slack. Just my take. Of course, I am sure after one or two more events they will have it together.

The presence of the crowd was definitely missing last night. Only over 7,000 people in attendance is understandable for a card headlined for two fighters coming off of losses. It was a great card with great fights, but I don't know if I would pay to go see it live...

As for the "NFL" theme, I am pretty sure that's actually the Fox Sports theme. They use it for Baseball too, and pretty much any sport if I recall correctly. I don't mind it at all.

I thought the production values were good. Aesthetically a good show, I felt. They appeared to smooth out some of the kinks from the 142 prelims broadcast. And how about an entire 10 fight card on tv? I can't tell you how awesome it is to have all the fights on DVR.

All in all, while it was not a perfect show, I bet they will continue to get better. There will be bigger crowds, the B-Team will get it together, and all will be right with the world.
1/21/12 5:22:49PM
Obvs like everyone else I prefer Joe and Goldie, they bring the exact intensity the UFC needs and the whole football feel just isn't as good to me. Kenny and Anik kinda sound the same lol but i'll get used to them after a couple events. Thet did a decent job just Bonnar and Glazer were kinda frustrating with pre and post fight talk on fuel. Overall solid event, they dodn't "ruin" it for me but obvs I prefer Joe and Goldie. In a prefect world I would have Shavello and Ranallo for FOX events lol, one can dream can't he?
1/21/12 5:41:11PM
I like bonnar commentary more than kenny
The chemistry just wasn't there
1/21/12 6:30:41PM
kenny's voice is too whiny. it irritates me. bad combo for commentators last night.
1/22/12 12:17:58AM
My problem with Kenny and Jon is their voices are too difficult to distinguish apart. I had trouble - in fact, I had no clue as to who was commentating last night. The only times I was able to know who was talking was when one mentioned the other.

Kenny and Jon's voices are not contrasting enough - not like Rogan and Goldberg's. Last night had the feel of a one man doing the commentating - it really did. I know both will continue to improve and be assets to the ufc commentating team, but I believe they are a bad combination. Their voice inflections are similar. Their tones are similar. Their pitches are similar. Their dictations are similar - and even their speech patterns are similar.

Don't get me wrong - both are good speakers but they sound too much alike and IMO, the ufc should play musical chair to find out which combinations work best.

1/22/12 1:34:03AM
Kenny, Bonnar and Glazer need to go. Anik was decent, but now that hes done a full event i expect improvement next time out.
1/22/12 2:24:37AM
I just wana mention Ariel Helwani, what the hell! is he employed by the UFC now, when I saw him doing interviews I was shocked, Because I didn't know he was part of the UFC till then.

Also Jon & Kennys commentary was a pretty decent call for the teams first event, Jon Anik is pretty tall as well which is good for the post fight interviews, Rogan is a bit to short, All in all though the commentary wasn't that bad imo, Kenny is very educated with all facets of MMA. When he called The Barry/Morecraft fight he described Barrys escape of having to get both legs over Morecrafts head perfectly that was my favourite call of the night. I do think Anik was kinda awkward at points though.
1/22/12 7:30:54AM
i like Jon Anik and think he is a class act. I normally enjoy Kenny but it seems like he was dominating the who commentary. IMO it is ok to be descriptive but he kept on talking about himself and I didn't appreciate it so much
1/22/12 8:05:42AM
I liked it.

And yes, it's not the "football theme" it's the Fox Sports theme. It's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Bonnar & Glazer = pure garbage.
1/22/12 10:58:33AM
Both guys are good but not quite polished....

If you only listened to the audio of the Easton v Papazian fight, you could easily have scored the fight 30-24 and unless you listened closely you may not have even heard Papazian's name mentioned. They were both extremely biased in calling this fight to the point that it was already annoying by the second round.

And secondly, it seemed like Florian said "world class" atleast once in every round of every fight. Get this guy a thesaurus....

1/22/12 1:09:58PM
I didn't mind Anik, but Ken-Flo was a little dull. Always hated Bonnar as a commentator/analyst, Glazer was alright for the first 10 mins.

Fox is paying a lot of money to the UFC, I really don't seem their Sports theme song going anywhere.
1/22/12 1:52:20PM
I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking this. I've usually liked Kenny's commentary on telecasts and MMA Live, but he was definitely flat on Friday. I like how Pat Barry planked on Anik's shoe and twittered the picture "Me planking on NOT Joe Rogan's shoe"

I wouldn't mind a Rogan-Anik combo once Goldberg moves on, but I like Goldy. He and Joe have really developed a rapport over the years of them doing fights. Maybe if Ken-Flo and Anik get some more fights under their belt before they start sounding natural.
1/22/12 2:43:19PM
Anik was great from the outset, so much better than Goldberg in my opinion. He's so much smoother with his delivery and it doesn't feel like he's forcing the ads down your throat like Goldie is.

I would love to see him eventually partner up with Rogan for the numbered UFC events.

Florian was too 'over the top' for me. He said 'world class' and got overly excited for no reason far too often for my liking.

EDIT: I would love to see a few different fighters pairing up with Anik. Mir & Franklin especially.
1/22/12 4:19:16PM
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