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2/24/11 8:46:46AM
Jon Rauch included as he might lose his title of tallest MLB player ever.

Ludovicus Jacobus Maria van Mil, aka Loek van Mil (his first name is pronounced Luke) will be the tallest baseball player ever to make the majors if he does-7'1". He's currently with the Angels. That's 2 inches taller than Rauch and 3 inches taller than Randy Johnson. He's 26 with 111 innings of minor league experience as a reliever, his career ERA is 3.57 and if it wasn't for walks he'd easily have a WHIP of under 1.00 with good Ks and he allows under 1 hit per inning.. Fastball consistently hits 95, topping out at 99. Word is his best shot at making the show this year, and it's considered a realistic goal, is a midseason call-up, he's been slowed this spring by shoulder issues.;_ylt=Ap2YZ16hm_1MWMuF8WNpMZ4RvLYF?slug=sh-vanmilangelstallestpitcher022311
Considering I was a big fan of "The Unit" and Rauch for a while (he played in DC) this would be cool to see if he makes it to the majors this season. Maybe could even turn out like fellow Dutchman Bert Blyleven someday.
2/24/11 10:06:18AM
2/24/11 11:41:24AM
That's crazy.
2/24/11 11:41:36AM
Never be more than a sideshow at this point. He is just not that good.
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