UFC coming to the Northwest

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8/22/08 1:49:21AM
Its about time. Just a little road trip down I-5 Who's comin with me ?

Jan ?
8/22/08 1:56:26AM
I believe its in November. Iam gonna try and make it. 4 hours north of me. Hopefully the Playground members of the Northwest will invade the Rose Garden that night. It will be tough to get up there though, miss a couple days of hunting, or go to a UFC event? Decisions, decisions

Florian vs Stevenson
possible Lesnar vs Kongo
8/22/08 2:27:28AM
both matchups will make great fights IMO
8/22/08 3:41:11AM
im definitely trying to go with a bunch of friends. I live in Tacoma so its not too bad of a drive
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