UFC 89 is coming along good but what about UFC88??

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POLL: best upcoming card?
UFC 87 48% (19)
UFC 88 10% (4)
UFC 89 35% (14)
UFC FN 14 3% (1)
UFC FN: silva vs irvan 5% (2)
7/16/08 5:44:01PM
UFC has been adding fighters to UFC 89 all the time, but what about UFC 88 the only fight that is Liddell vs Evans
7/16/08 5:48:33PM
ufc 87 is the best upcoming card, gsp vs. fitch and huerta vs. florian alone puts it at the top for me. ufc 88 and 89 both look good. chuck vs. rashad should be interesting, karo vs. yoshida will be a war, henderson and franklin are fun to watch no matter who they are fighting, and their opponents, hammil and palhares are both big underdogs but they are young and dangerous.
7/16/08 5:50:22PM
UFC 87 is for sure the best card coming up.

UFC 89 is supposed to be free, and if it is, should be one of the better free cards televised.

UFC 88 still in the process of adding marquee fights, but i think it'll be a good card when its all said and done, silva vs Okami should be on that card too.

on a Side note : UFC fight night 14 is the same as UFN: Silva vs Irvin
7/16/08 6:00:24PM

I have tickets for 88 and I'm still not a bit excited about it.
7/16/08 6:22:36PM
UFC 88 should have the Okami/Silva title fight.
7/16/08 6:48:53PM

Posted by tepid55

UFC 88 should have the Okami/Silva title fight.

it supposed to be, but what if Anderson doesn't get medical permission after the Irving fight. The fact that he has all the tools to handle Irvin quickly doesn't mean he will (RECALL: Serra-GSP I). I really want Irvin to take this fight but ever since they told about 88 vs Okami I changed my mind, just to make my ticket worth the $254 I paid for it. Sooooo, that doesn't make me happy until Saturday, what would be the plan if that one fails????

move Thiago-Machida back?
match Hendo vs. Franklin?
Wandy? against who?

It sucks that Liddell alone sold most of the tickets already, but they def. need to do something to improve PPV earnings.
7/16/08 6:56:12PM
UFC 88 doesn't need Anderson Silva on it (presuming the rumours are true)

Chuck Liddell vs Rashad Evans
Rich Franklin vs Matt Hammill
Dan Henderson vs Rousimar Palhares
Karo Parisyan vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida

makes it strong enough to not need another massive name fight, just a mid level fight
7/16/08 7:28:23PM
how is it that every card has 11 fights july and aug cards get 9 but right now the oct card has a whopping 12 matches full and 88 in sept still needs some matches annouced,
nice job joe silva!!!!!!!!
ever here of balance!!!!!

but i agree sept does not need okami fight
i say push it to other oct show or even nov.
as well as take 2 matches off oct and push them to sept or late oct card.
take sokou vs cane off push it too late card

overall some really stellar cards, i hope it goes all the way through the year. i could see why the ufc stepped up with afflication and elite xc gaining some publicity. ufc is just showing who number one is!!!
7/16/08 11:38:14PM
UFC 87 is the best upcoming card.

The entire card is superb, then only thing that even has an argument(IMO) is UFC 89.
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