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10/28/09 12:05:44PM
Every major pro sport has feeder systems-minor league baseball, NBDL, AHL, NCAA Football. Soon, MMA will have PMMAL. In an effort to help develop the next generation of MMA stars while providing investors a chance to own their own professional sports franchise, Englebrecht announced Wednesday the launch of the Professional Mixed Martial Arts League (PMMAL). Set to begin play in early 2010, the PMMAL ( will award charter ownerships to teams in eight specific areas including six Southern California counties and Las Vegas.

10/28/09 12:07:00PM
Part of me wants this to succeed, sounds cool. But part of me is thinking IFL 2.0. Especially with the low pay potential, but this might be something good for the amateurs and those who only fight part-time.
10/28/09 12:30:26PM

Posted by DCRage

part of me is thinking IFL 2.0.

exactly the same thing I thought of
10/28/09 2:39:42PM
i'd love for this to succeed. I thought the IFL was great it just didn't have the right people at the top.
10/28/09 2:45:47PM
This is pretty cool. It'd be nice to have around for a while.
10/28/09 5:48:52PM
I think as long as they market themselves as a second/third tier organization and don't ever try to truly compete with the UFC than I see no reason why they shouldn't succeed...the premise is great...I love the team amateur wrestling...the M1 challenge is great for that...and if they promote themselves as a feeder organization than I could even see the UFC getting behind them in certain ways
10/28/09 6:47:19PM
We already have minor leagues...all across America. From the looks of it this endeavor is just a smaller more localized version of the IFL. This guy sounds like another person who is going to jump on the MMA bandwagon and add some "spice" to it and make a fortune. Just like the IFL, Yamma and countless others.
If you want to put on fights....put on fights. There are three facets to successful MMA. Number one is obviously consistent good fights. Number two would be a consistent good overall production, 3rd and least thought of would be the actual name and logo of the promotion. Think of all the successful corporations, products, sports etc.
Keep the name simple and the logo very identifiable. UFC, Nike, Chevy, Ford, Coke, Pepsi, NFL, NHL etc
This new gimmick is nothing new. There are already tons of MMA "minor leagues" and the team concept already failed. However if done right I think the team concept is a great idea.
Just my thoughts.
10/28/09 7:37:45PM
It already exsists....UFC = Major leagues
all others = minors
Just the sad facts, accept it.
10/28/09 7:39:40PM
This is long overdue for MMA.
10/29/09 12:31:30AM
Finally someone figured out the trick to making it in the MMA world!!!! It has nothing to do with your format or the fighters you pick up... DON"T TRY TO FIGHT DANA WHITE. If these guys present themselves as a minor league and are willing to take a back seat to the UFC they could be around for a long long time. So long as he doesn't change his mind at the first sign of success and try to challenge the UFC Dana will have no reason to squash him.

I'm excited for this and it sounds like a good idea.
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