UFC Coming To Arizona In 2010

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10/6/09 7:42:10PM
After recently regulating MMA to mirror Las Vegas rules in May of 2008, the UFC will finally be making it’s way to the beautiful Arizona desert sometime in 2010.

UFC President Dana White confirmed the news in an interview with ULTMMA.com during a recent trip to “The Grand Canyon State”.

10/6/09 7:50:31PM
Jobing.com arena should have 41 new open dates next year, I'm sure UFC could snag one of those.

It would be crazy if they did one at University of Pheonix Stadium. That place is sick.
10/6/09 8:07:25PM
Once they do an event in Arizona they're going to be kicking their own ass for not tapping that market sooner. Arizona has always been a hotbed for MMA and the fans are going to be absolutely rabid.

10/7/09 12:27:40AM
i wouldn't mind going to phoenix next year
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