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5/10/12 7:04:38PM
Here's the deal. this is a tourny of comic book characters that is based off their movie versions. Thus their comic book feats matter not,only what they have done in the movie adaptations.
Since it would be a bit much to put lets say Catwoman in the same tournament as the hulk I have devised two tournament brackets.
The Lightweights and the Heavyweights to even things out better. Some where hard to place but feel free to give your input. One 18 man/women LW tournament and a 12 hero HW tourny. If your in just PM me.
Here are the contestants,nay,the fighters for the LW tourny!

Batman (Nolan series)
Marv (Sin City)
Jonah Hex
The Punisher (Dolph Lundrin style)
The Joker (Dark Knight)
Iron Man
rorschach (The Watchmen)
Cat Woman (Halle Berry)
Azazel (X Men First Class)
Captain America
Swamp Thing
The Green Goblin

The HW fighters

Superman (Superman returns)
Hulk (Avengers)
The Thing (Fantastic 4)
Green Lantern
Dr.Manhattan (The Watchmen)
Phoenix (X Men)
Ghost Rider
Silver Surfer (Fantastic 4 2)

Note: This is not the order they will fight in just who is fighting.
5/10/12 8:15:14PM
Batman= LW

Superman & Hulk for HW
5/10/12 9:41:16PM
A History of Violence
5/11/12 4:12:22PM
5/11/12 7:55:53PM
So far I got two people,any more takers?
5/12/12 12:34:41PM
I'm in
5/12/12 3:12:07PM
Round 1 of the LW tourny has begun.
The matches

Iron Man vs Spiderman
azazel vs Blade
Marv vs Jonah Hex
The Punisher vs The Joker
Captain america vs Wolverine
Batman vs Daredevil
Swamp thing vs The Green Goblin
Elektra vs Constatine
Cat woman vs rorschach
5/13/12 8:10:21AM
Just waiting on one more person for the first round results
5/14/12 2:19:23PM
The first round results are in.
We have two ties!

Advancing: Iron man,(3-1) Blade (3-1),Marv(3-1),Wolverine (3-1),Batman (4-0)
Green Goblin (3-1),Rorschach(3-1).
Constatine and Elektra tied.
Punisher and Joker tied.

Thus two of our second round LW fights will feature 3 contestants. (i'm guessing since we have an even amount of players in case of any more ties I may lend my own vote. That feels cheap to me but I couldn't get anyone else in on the game)
5/14/12 6:13:49PM
what are the 2nd round matchups?
5/14/12 7:53:03PM
second round fights

Ironman vs Blade

Rorshack vs Wolverine vs Batman

Joker vs Green Goblin

Marv vs Elektra vs Punisher

5/16/12 8:11:45PM
Just waiting on Pookie.
5/17/12 6:19:43AM
Okay the winners of the second round/

Blade defeats Iron Man
Wolverine takes out Batman and Rorschach 3-1

Marv and Punisher both kill Elektra but tie.
Green Goblin and Joker tie.

So the first match of the next round will be
Blade vs Wolverine

To break the ties instead of just putting in my own input I went back to our original picks in the first round to tally who had the most votes between the second round contestants in the first round + the second round.

Counting like this Joker and Punisher both had 4 votes.
Marv and G.G. had 5,with only one vote against each.

So the second match in the next round will be Marv vs The Green Goblin.
5/18/12 7:41:16AM
The LW finals are here. Wolverine Vs the Green Goblin to declare the light weight grand prix champion of the playground.
After this comes the heavy weights and here's the first round elimination matches!

Hellboy vs Thing

Spawn vs Ghost rider

Phoenix vs Thor

Hulk vs Green Lantern (had to do it they're both green)

Super man vs Dr.Manhattan

Magneto vs Silver Surfer
5/19/12 7:38:33AM
The LW winner
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5/19/12 10:49:42AM
IMO the Phoenix shouldnt be in the tourney as she is able to eliminate anything in existence with the blink of an eye
5/19/12 1:54:23PM

Posted by Bubbles

IMO the Phoenix shouldnt be in the tourney as she is able to eliminate anything in existence with the blink of an eye

I'm not really gonna argue with you Bubbles because phoenix is powerful,in comics I would argue the phoenix force itself is the strongest force in comics,but movie wise I think she could be taken by Superman,Manhattan,maybe even Thor depending on Mjnoir.

In X3 Wolverine was able to survive her attack against manipulating everything at the molecular level,turning everything to ash. In all fairness you could argue it was because she had feelings for Logan and Jean was coming through not to kill him.
But if it was for the first reason than Hulk with his healing factor could penetrate through as well.

But if their is objection i'm not against changing the contestants. Is their anyone you had in mind to take her place?
5/20/12 5:27:10PM
I'm not a comic buff by any stretch of the imagination so your points seem valid. In staying with X-men theme, replace her with Beast? Maybe Doc Octavious or Deadpool? Just throwing names out there