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6/27/12 9:23:12AM
Former collegiate wrestler Scott Voss (Kevin James) is a 42-year-old bored biology teacher in a failing high school. When budget cutbacks look like they might force the cancellation of the music program, which would result in its teacher being laid off, Scott begins to raise money by competing as a mixed martial arts fighter to keep the program around.

Trailer -

Starring Kevin James, Salma Hayek, Joe Rogan, Chael Sonnen, Bas Rutten, Wanderlei Silva, Mark DellaGrotte, Leonard Nimoy, etc.

6/27/12 9:25:09AM
is this really mma news?
6/27/12 9:35:40AM
lol love how his big fight is against krystof
6/27/12 10:20:59AM
Thats the type of plot that i can get behind for an MMA movie. Not trying too hard, and the whole point of doing it is for the kids at the risk of self-sacrifice.
6/27/12 11:38:41AM

Posted by Shawn91111

is this really mma news?

Anything with Chael Sonnen in it has to be mma news, has to be.
6/27/12 1:05:03PM
hahah actually looks pretty good
6/27/12 1:41:43PM
Salma! Salma! Salma!
6/27/12 1:41:52PM
Is this based on a true story? Rich Franklin's life? Teacher to MMA fighter.
6/27/12 1:55:14PM

Posted by scoozna

Salma! Salma! Salma!

6/27/12 3:04:24PM
I like Kevin James and I love Bas, will be watching for sure!
6/27/12 3:24:09PM
This looks much better than all of those no budget movies including mma stars. Kevin James can be hysterical
6/27/12 5:01:31PM
Also, he's a true MMA fan, so although it's a comedy it should be more authentic than most.
6/27/12 7:55:09PM

Posted by MMAcca

Also, he's a true MMA fan, so although it's a comedy it should be more authentic than most.

He also trains MMA and BJJ. I think this movie looks pretty good.
6/27/12 8:19:00PM
Never saw this before. James looks in way better shape for the role
6/28/12 11:38:35PM
Honestly, I'm excited to see it. MMA has never been portrayed this way in a movie before. Kevin James is the perfect guy to do it too. I'll be seeing it