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1/7/12 6:16:35PM

As you can see by the link, Comcast only gets Showtime On Demand, not any actual channels. I also called in and talked to someone. So it's stream illegally like usual. Cox, Suddenlink, and various other providers are also only including the On Demand in the free preview.

Doublecheck if your provider is even honoring the Showtime free weekend.
1/7/12 6:17:55PM
War Charter!
1/7/12 6:27:52PM
I know it's the wrong forum, it'll just get more views in here.
1/7/12 6:40:59PM
I just called in and raised hell that satellite providers were providing more options including channels and they gave me 3 months free so now I can watch it free on Comcast.

Better get on the phone now if you want to watch it.
1/7/12 6:55:38PM
That sucks. I was looking forward to watching it in good quality. I also bitched to Comcast awhile back, and received $20 off my internet bill, and free HBO for a year This was after my 3 months free of Showtime
1/7/12 7:13:06PM
This sucks, I was gearing up to watch at home but I guess its my own damn fault for not checking
1/7/12 7:16:12PM
Call in guys. It takes 10 minutes to get 5 hours of MMA.

Even if they don't offer free months, you can add today and remove tomorrow. Comcast has no upgrade charge or downgrade charge on premium channels so it would be under $1.

10 minutes for 5 hours of MMA. Can't say that's not worth it.


Be sure to let them know DISH and DIRECTV are showing channels and that it's extremely disappointing that Comcast isn't offering its customers the same. They added my 3 months without even transferring me.

And if you've used Comcast, you know that's like Christmas. Not Volkmann, the holiday.
1/7/12 9:39:11PM
I called comcast and complained. They gave me 3 months free showtime. Good suggestion man! Just make sure you cancel before the 3 months, which would be before April 6th if you call today, or else they'll automatically subscribe you and you'll be out 20 bucks.
1/8/12 11:04:09AM
Comcast users didn't miss much from last night.
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