L2 Combo Card for Feb 10/11 - XFC/CWFC

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1/29/12 4:30:42PM
I know you mods are shorthanded right now, but I really think is is a good combo card to put up for L2 coming up in 2 weeks as something between now and Strikeforce in March: Here are 12 fights, all viewable, set for that weekend (XFC/CWFC) to pair down to 8 or put them all on.

I know some of us are missing L2's rareness and both of these events are viewable on TV and/or the computer

XFC 16: High Stakes
Date: Feb 10, 2012

Drew Fickett (41-16) vs. Jamie Varner (18-6)
Nicolae Cury (6-2) vs. Corey Hill (5-4)
Heather Clark (4-1) vs. Marianna Kheyfets (4-0)
Mikey Gomez (12-8) vs. Josh Samman (8-2)
Stoney Hale (4-2) vs. Dustin West (5-4)

CWFC: Fight Night 3
Date: Feb 11, 2012

MAIN CARD (MMAjunkie.com)
Juha-Pekka Vainikainen (18-5) vs. Kyle Watson (13-7)
Mats Nilsson (7-1) vs. Tommy Speer (19-5)
Victor Cheng (7-2) vs. Matt Gabel (7-2)
Ben Alloway (10-3) vs. Mauro Chimento (14-8)
Matteus Lahdesmaki (11-7) vs. Graham Turner (18-6)
John Donnelly (7-4) vs. Domingos Mestre (8-4)
Faycal Hussin (9-4) vs. Gareth Joseph (6-2)

Whooooo's comin with me?
1/29/12 4:46:05PM
1/29/12 4:52:27PM
If its there then Ill pick!
1/29/12 5:32:26PM
1/29/12 8:49:05PM
I was planning on watching these anyways! League two is my 2nd favorite league!!! Lets make this happen!!!
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