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1/28/08 7:29:37PM
any that you guys have and recomend?
1/28/08 8:54:52PM
For weightlifting Pretty much awesome. I know some guys who have been training for years then got this book and fallen in love with it.

Its the Modern Encyclopedia or Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger. For those of you who dont know he has won the MR olmypia 7 times. And he is still buff like nuts at 60.
1/28/08 9:13:29PM
I feel hurt you didn't come to the Crew aboot this first. Its nothing that a drink can't cure though.
Check out Istvan Javorek's book,Complex Conditioning. Its not a how to book, its a book that contains various workouts from general fitness, to body building routines. Its a great book I highly recomend it. Demos of his complexes are all over youtube.

Hit me up if you have questions, I workout with kettlebells, hit the weights, power ropes (if you haven't seen this at work, google it and watch the vids, so hard work + the Tenn Titans use powerropes as a supplemental workout).

The Team Leader Drunkel

Arnold is not buff anymore, not even close
1/28/08 10:01:25PM
thanks guys. and isnt arnolds book like mostly body building. im talking about liek books on traniing that wil help with mma
1/28/08 11:53:26PM

Posted by drunkel

Arnold is not buff anymore, not even close

? From what source? Did you see T3?
He was a MR olmypia. Those guys never stop working out.
1/29/08 2:08:07AM
The Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding is a great read. Many people would dismiss it as "old news" and "purely for bodybuilding" but there is a section of it that clearly addresses working out for bodybuilding and working out for strength.

In my humble opinion everyone should have some kind of powerlifting rotated into their workouts. Kettlebells, plyometrics, etc. etc. are all very good things, but the best (just like in MMA) is to build a good balance of all strengths and exercises. I think almost anyone who would choose to pick up the encyclopedia of bodybuilding would thoroughly enjoy the book.
1/29/08 9:35:46AM
Hey Danny,

I know DVD workouts seem really corny and may not be enough for most conditioned MMA fighters. But I recently bought John Hacklemans "CrossPit" DVD. Hackleman is a big fan of crossfit and this dvd is based off of thier workouts. I am in semi-good shape but poor cardio as of now (trying to change that) and I dont even start my MMA training untill this take it for what its worth...But FOR ME, this is a pretty intense cardio workout.

I think Its good to supplement the gym or if you dont have enough time to lift or train on a certain day. The DVD is only $20 and contains 2 workouts. Each only about 35-40 mins long, keeping you working the whole time.

ie) 30 seconds on 10 seconds off for the entire workout. Rotating between push ups, air squats, squat thrusts, intense bag work, pull ups, situps, jump rope ect... Gasses you good before you get on the bag...

Its best if you have a heavy bag and pull up bar. As I said im not in the best shape yet so its killer for me...maybe not for an experienced fighter. Here a link for a quick preview. Its the CROSSPIT one, Not "the pit workout".. Hope it helps..
1/29/08 11:56:39AM
I've been a crossfitter for a few yrs now, great stuff, it gives you a kick in the arse and humbles you.
Crossfit is great cuz its free and you can taylor the workouts to your needs. One of my favorite workouts is Fran: 95lb bb thruster, pullups, 21, 15, 9, this can be done with dumbells also.
I use crossfit new jersey and philly for the kettlebell workouts. I have a cf gym here but its just too expensive for me.
Crosspit uses modified Tabata sets, I'll have to give them a try.
If you haven't seen or used powerropes it is great stuff, I got a 50 ft rope for xmas!