Why did you start the combat sport you train?

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11/27/12 1:14:12PM
So it sounds like a few of you started wrestling (jae and tcunningham) what got you into it?

Postman with Jeet Kune do
infrestructure with boxing
George with just about every sport haha

How and why did you start?
11/27/12 1:23:47PM
Raised in the south side of Pheonix, it was offered at school and it was the only sport that interested me other than football. Got to make friends witg the ethnic kids some way, it worked out real well. In high school I also found a boxing coach through the local YMCA. Little latin kids used to light me up all the damn time!
11/27/12 6:30:26PM
me and my family were always wrestling and roughhousing while i was growing up so i'm sure that had alot to do with it. i like the one vs one competition better than team sports, if it goes good or bad there's only one person responsible for the outcome. i'm not a particularly competitive person, my main goal has always been to get better and better at the sport and what better way to find out how I have improved than to test my skills against somebody else in competition.
11/27/12 8:11:43PM
Started wrestling at a very early age, because my Old Man told me I had to.....
11/27/12 8:31:37PM
Wrestling I started in junior high. 7th grade. It wasn't until I was 15 that I started bjj and judo.

I was eating at a cicis pizza and low and behold Pride was on the big screen. Ever since that day I've been hooked
11/27/12 10:04:52PM
well it all started with a blind date, I fell in love very quickly, before I knew it I had there 2 kids, and that's why I started the combat sport of marriage.
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