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4/24/08 2:49:30PM
Did anyone else notice that on UFC.com's page about the England PPV that they've removed Ryo Chonan as Carnerio's opponent and that the Taylor v. Liaudin fight isn't even on the card?

now before everyone starts jumping on my nuts...
I KNOW they dont even have the Irvin v. Rashad fight and that they're slow to update stuff ok. i know that.
But the Chonan fight as been planned for a while and they have Carnerio's opponent as "TBD".

just wondering if anyone else saw this?
4/24/08 3:46:15PM
This is nothing new, UFC.com always does this, some fights wont be on the site until the day of.
4/24/08 4:01:04PM
i think right now will what things are the next couple weeks might be some shuffling about, i heard thr frank mir going to ufc 85 what they need to do is get gonzaga to fight sanchez or someone, like i said grab paul kelly,
bisping vs leban, there are some options,,
4/24/08 11:55:15PM
I've heard rumors that Chonan is injured, yet I am sure that the UFC would have that documented by now. Hopefully, the rumors are wrong, yet they did the same thing when Shogun was fighting Chuck and he got injured...
4/25/08 12:44:06AM
This card seem pretty sketchy.
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