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12/26/09 5:27:18AM
I can't imagine narrowing down the list to only 10 fights. I've only been following the sport of a little over three years and I'm not sure I could pull it off.

12/26/09 6:52:15AM
There is some great fights there, but when you think of all the fights not on there, to narrow down to 10 is near impossible.
12/26/09 6:53:43AM
Wow,this list is actually better than I thought it would be.
Though I strongly believe Nog vs Herring (first fight) deserves a spot on that list.
Chuck vs Wandy would have been a nice addition as well.

It's really hard to make a "top 10 fight list" and give total due credit were it is deserved,but not a bad attempt by SI.
12/26/09 10:42:42AM
I think I'm more shocked that SI actually posted videos than anything else.
12/26/09 6:16:36PM
How did the UFC heavyweight title fight between Ricco Rodriguez and Randy Couture from UFC 39 in 2002 not make the list?
12/26/09 6:21:08PM
I agree, 10 fights is impossible. i dont really agree with all of the picks but they are all really great fights. i could add at least 10 more. i like fedor vs fujita, we saw fedor almost get KO'd and still come back and win by sub. thats just one other fight i liked
12/27/09 12:35:26AM
awesome list not sure frye shamrock should be on there
12/27/09 11:06:25AM
as subjective as this topic is, i think SI did a fantastic job. usually with these lists there a some fights where you are like, "what the hell are they thinking?" but this time out i really don't have a problem with it. good job on their part

and i am also shocked/pleased that they uploaded videos...nev er saw that coming
12/27/09 11:25:43AM
It seems they only picked fights with big names....personally, I found Spencer Fisher vs Sam Stout 2 more exciting then most of the fights listed..... Diaz vs Gomi aswell..
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