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6/23/08 7:41:42PM
As anyone here a member of a league i can join? I just started with this last event. i placed 121 out of 12836 if that helps. There used to be a league of only MMAPlayground users but i dont know if there are any empty slots.

My email is iceman_cl_lhvy@yahoo.com if you would like to invite me.
6/23/08 9:10:26PM
A league made up of guys from this site is #2 overall this season. I'll send you an invite in a minute.
6/23/08 11:52:33PM
Ya we are the best team EVA!!!

Really we are
6/24/08 12:35:08PM
I'm ranked #13 overall.

I'm on Team World Class here and there too.
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