UFC.com - Hughes, Serra and Sherk weigh in on GSP-Penn II

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1/26/09 11:11:27PM
There will be plenty of discussion this week heading into UFC 94’s mega-clash between lightweight champion BJ Penn and welterweight champion Georges “Rush” St-Pierre in Las Vegas. After all, this is a highly-anticipated rematch pitting two of the worlds best pound-for-pound fighters, and big fights always make for big business—especially in the futile business of predicting who’s going to do what to the other.

Sensationalists, mostly found in blogospheres, will have you believe that Georges St-Pierre is an unmovable object with divined wrestling leverage, and that Penn flies around on a magic carpet and is made of Silly Putty; level-headed sports talk will center more around GSP’s chin and Penn’s cardio. Romantics will remind everyone that a chin is just an extension of the heart, and that cardio is more literally about conditioning.

It’s convoluted. The pre-fight hype, that is.

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