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4/15/09 1:04:08AM
VERY interesting article about Columbine. I remember that day very well, doesn't seem like it was 10 years ago already. I found a lot of interesting tidbits in this article that I didn't know before.

I was about to finish my junior year in HS when this happened. I can very clearly remember driving to my now-wife's home after school where her mom was watching the events unfold. Now I'm on a SWAT team which trains for those kind of events. It's almost surreal. Calling what happened that day a tragedy would be an understatement. But a lot of the information that came out in the days and months following the event appears to be false. Here's a quote from the article.

What's now beyond dispute — largely from the killers' journals, which have been released over the past few years, is this: Harris and Klebold killed 13 and wounded 24, but they had hoped to kill thousands.

The pair planned the attacks for more than a year, building 100 bombs and persuading friends to buy them guns. Just after 11 a.m. on April 20, they lugged a pair of duffel bags containing propane-tank bombs into Columbine's crowded cafeteria and another into the kitchen, then stepped outside and waited.

Had the bombs exploded, they'd have killed virtually everyone eating lunch and brought the school's second-story library down atop the cafeteria, police say. Armed with a pistol, a rifle and two sawed-off shotguns, the pair planned to pick off survivors fleeing the carnage.

As a last terrorist act, a pair of gasoline bombs planted in Harris' Honda and Klebold's BMW had been rigged apparently to kill police, rescue teams, journalists and parents who rushed to the school — long after the pair expected they would be dead.

The pair had parked the cars about 100 yards apart in the student lot. The bombs didn't go off.

I'm not sure that anything here really warrants response. But please try to keep the thread from becoming political in nature.
4/15/09 1:20:21AM
Oh my god the gun control law in this country!...kidding ...good article
4/15/09 7:37:33AM
I'll let this one stay for now as long as it doesn't get too out of control, but I'm going to move it to The Padded Room.
4/15/09 9:21:14AM
A truly terrible event in human history. Anyone who has ever seen the video knows the lack of remorse these guys had for their victims. Like you said- not that anything specifically warrants a response, but it is important for us to remember this stuff and do everything we can to make sure it doesn't happen again.
4/15/09 9:23:55AM
Did anything ever happen to the parents of these scumbags?
4/16/09 2:21:11AM

list of school related attacks

list of school shootings

columbine was a terrible tragedy, but also check out these other school shootings its fuken disturbing how often these sort of attacks happen
4/16/09 5:21:02PM
The Columbine shooting is so disturbing in many ways especially after that article. It put a lot of the myths to rest and cleared up some things but that doesn't take away on how disturbing school shooting are.

For the Northern Illinois shooting I knew about that right away as I live about 15 minutes away from NIU but the ironic thing was about that day I was wearing a Virginia Tech shirt when the NIU shooting happened.
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