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1/25/07 7:06:51PM
This is a great idea and I'm getting bored with fantasy golf and football!! Who's with me?? No one? Ok well anyway thanks mmaplayground for the fun site. I enjoy it already!!!
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1/25/07 7:21:53PM
Whats up duxup. Are you guys covered under 10' of snow??
1/25/07 7:26:11PM
Check out my Camp duXup I'm gonna try to get all the guys from our other sites to join the fantasy mma... I'll send you an invite
1/25/07 7:31:13PM
Nice, Thanks!!
1/26/07 10:45:20AM
What's up Colorado!!! Let me in your camp assholes!! ;)
1/26/07 10:56:52AM
duXup Man! Come get some
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