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POLL: Who are you picking?
Ohio State 73% (11)
USC 27% (4)
9/9/08 4:33:34PM
They're coming off a bye week but had a HUGE win over Virginia in week 1. a lot of people are overrating USC because of that game in my opinion. Virginia isn't nearly as good this year as they were last year or the year before. Mark Sanchez is a very good QB but i don't think he has ever faced a defense nearly as good as Ohio States. USC's receivers aren't good enough in my opinion to beat Malcom Jenkins and Donald Washington down the field. their best chance is to throw underneath routes over the middle but Laurinaitis will be waiting there to either pick it off or deliver a knockout blow. Their running game is nothing to brag about. they have a lot of ok HB's but no one really impressive. the Ohio State front 7 should be able to control the running game and force Sanchez to throw the ball more than USC wants him to. Like Ohio State, USC has a great defense. Their front 7, lead by Maualuga and Cushing, is one of the best in the country. they have very good run defense, but i don't think it's good enough to stop Chris Wells. i also think their weakness is their secondary. they're going to have trouble covering Robiskie and Hartline and on top of that they have to stop Chris Wells.

Ohio State
They're coming off a scare against Ohio but i think they were definitly looking ahead to this weekend. Ohio State has one of the best defenses in the country again this year lead by James Laurinaitis, Marcus Freeman, and Malcom Jenkins all of which will be All Americans at the end of the season. Ohio States offense is outstanding also. Boeckman is one of the most underrated QB's in the country in my opinion. he has great weapons in Robiskie, Hartline, and Small and of course the best running back in the country behind him in Chris Wells. Wells has been given the go ahead to play in this game by Tressel. in my opinion he will be the reason why Ohio State wins this game. the O line will pound USC's D line all game long opening holes for Wells all over the field. Wells will have 130 yards and 3 TD's. USC also has to watch out for Terrelle Pryor when hes in the game. i see Ohio State running some sort of fake option pass with him that will got for a long TD pass.

I think that the USC defense is going to be overwhelmed by the Ohio State offense. USC won't be able to get their running game going and will have to rely on Sanchez too much against 2 All American corners and 2 very good safeties.

My Pick: Ohio State Buckeyes 31 USC Trojans 24
9/9/08 4:40:27PM
Its at USC I have to go with the home team. As you said Ohio State Almost lost to Ohio. USC 28 OSU 14
9/9/08 4:49:57PM
starting with USC. mark sanchez is a good qb but imo VERY overrated and needs some work inorder to become part of heisman talk. and that defense is great and will be a tough test for the ohio state buckeyes. Joe Mcknight is a very fast and agile runner he reminds me alot of bush and mcfadden. but obviously we know who has the better running back in the game. Overall i think USC is not the real #1 ranked team in the nation they are 3. but i cant hate on them too much after all they did beat virginia 52-7? hahaha

now to OSU. ohio state is STACKED on both sides of the ball, more than USC is IMO. Starting with the offense the main player is Chris "beenie" Wells who is coming off a toe injury which doesnt look to be signifigant.(not spelt right i know).I do believe he is the best player in the nation and will win that heisman if he stays healthy. At Qb they have the 5th year senior in todd boeckman who has alot of upside more than he does downside. hes very accurate with the ball which helps his wideouts (hartline and robiskie). the offensive line is just BEASTLY. besides Florida i dont see a better offensive line in the nation.
Now for the Buckeyes Defense. the best defense in the nation without a doubt, starting at linebacker with James Laurinitis, and Ross Homan who remind me of the combo of Hawk and bobby carpenter. i think they are that good and it will be hard for USC's offense to get anywhere on the ground with that linebacking crew. as for the secondary they are stacked at Corner with Malcom Jenkins and Donald Washington, i dont see how USC's wr's get more than 75 yards a piece.

all in all i think this game comes down to whos defense is best and i believe osu will show that they have it and they will win by 17-10
9/9/08 5:34:55PM
I think we all know who I'm picking.


But I'm not confident at all with this game. Like previously mentioned, the Bucks didn't look great against Ohio last weekend. There may be a few reasons for that (OSU looking ahead to USC, OU playing their hearts out against big in-state foe, etc), but I'm just hoping that this team can turn it on on Saturday night in the Colosseum.

There was no doubt in my mind two weeks ago that OSU was going to win this game, but they haven't looked like the team that they should be the first two weeks. Two points in particular that need to be ironed out are the play of both lines and the wide receiver play. The o-line needs to get nasty, and Robiskie (who may be hurt) and Hartline need to stop dropping balls. If they don't, expect to see Ray Small and freshman DeVier Posey playing a lot more snaps against the Trojans.

Bucks-19, Trojans-17
9/9/08 5:42:17PM
USC will win 35 to 17.....Bold prediction, but I think USC gets up early quick and never looks back.
9/9/08 5:50:28PM
I'll go with USC b/c of home advantage.

I'm 95% sure the winner of this game will meet with the SEC Champ in the National Championship Bowl.
9/11/08 12:24:27AM
i think it's obvious who I'm rooting for, however, this will be a tough game. Anytime you go to USC and try to win it's a big challenge. First, I think the Buckeyes will get a big boost from Beanie Wells coming back, the same way they had a let down in the game he didn't play. Terrell Pryor hasn't played a whole lot so far, and I think that has been the plan all along. Pryor's ability to make good decisions and use feet to make plays is a major factor in this game. If both teams show up and play to their full potential it should be an awesome game, I'll say 35-28 Buckeyes.
9/11/08 11:55:03AM
It's going to be a great game, no doubt about that!!!!

OSU 27 - USC 17
9/11/08 1:04:26PM
Sucks to be Ohio State....

They are going to go to the BCS National Championsip game 3 years in a row and lose to 3 different SEC teams; Florida, LSU, and UGA.....
9/11/08 8:01:32PM
Go USC!!!!
9/14/08 2:00:51AM

Posted by wolfman

USC will win 35 to 17.....Bold prediction, but I think USC gets up early quick and never looks back.

Well, I wasn't too far off...Sorry, just had to pat myself on the back.
9/14/08 5:24:15PM

Posted by wolfman

Posted by wolfman

USC will win 35 to 17.....Bold prediction, but I think USC gets up early quick and never looks back.

Well, I wasn't too far off...Sorry, just had to pat myself on the back.

just dont turn into Gsquat and make every post about how smart you are because you are such a great fan and that everyone else is wrong no matter what....
9/16/08 3:21:25PM
You know, I'm extremely frustrated that with all these Ohio St. fans on this forum I couldn't get one person to make an avatar bet with me. How could anyone in their right mind think that OSU was gonna win that game, with or without Beanie Wells. OSU has had enormous problems when it comes to speedy, physical defenses. Not mention that anyone of the 5 USC running backs could be starters at any Division 1 school in the nation. I'm surprised that more people didn't pick USC. Jim Tressell struggles in big games and plays way more conservative on the road. Pete Carrol thrives on the big stage and Steve Sarkisian is an extremely aggressive play caller who will take chances. Nevermind the fact that USC has not lost a game to the Pac-10 in the past decade.
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