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8/13/12 1:03:15PM
Thanks to Ordep for reminding me last night, but the league has been set up for those of you who want to join.

ESPN Fantasy Home

League Name: MMAPlayground

Password: idivorceasians
8/13/12 1:23:26PM
That is a peculiar password. Interesting???
8/13/12 1:25:11PM

Posted by KungFuMaster

That is a peculiar password. Interesting???

haha, it's the name of our band in GuitarHero. I couldn't think of a password last night that wasn't something with USC. Not everyone is a USC fan and I didn't want to be that guy. I had played Guitar Hero with my roommates last night and....well, the rest is pretty obvious.
8/13/12 3:55:45PM
I'm in. I'll prolly suck bc this is the first time i've played before.
8/13/12 6:36:40PM
I think Im in. Not sure really what it is...but I am in.
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