Has the UFC’s Collective Ego Cost Them Big Bucks?

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9/19/07 9:08:05AM
Nothing sells in combat sports like a rivalry. If there’s a hometown hero to root for then you’re really talking big bucks. With that said, aside from the fact we’ll never see another Pride event, are the UFC missing a trick by promoting the Pride brand so minimally?

9/19/07 4:29:32PM
I don't think they are necessarily missing out by not promoting the now defunct PRIDE orginization. To the casual UFC fan, it is not going ot make adifference they will just think of it as something minimal compared to the UFC. Most of the diehard fans know exactly what PRIDE is and why it was considered to be the better of the 2 organizations for many years.
9/20/07 6:32:39AM

Pride knew how to organize fights and get you exicted about them.They could take the two worst fighters in the world and market it to look like the most spectacular fight of all time.They were also much better at building rivalries and marketing them,imo.The UFC is getting their though.I think their trying to find their own way and not copy the Pride forumula.That being said,I think it might be awhile before the UFC can markert fights a better way.

I think one thing lacking in the UFC is the fighter entrances.In Pride they came down the elevator thing and all that stuff.They even brought all the fighters into the ring prior to the opening fight.

I would love to see the UFC do that kind of stuff,but I doubt it will ever happen.
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