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8/19/12 8:13:26PM
Very interesting new show on sci fi
This married couple had room to room nothing but star wars it was crazy.

Anyone have a collection of anything ?? Big or little

All I collect are movies. And Ufc DVDs got some posters autographs memorabilia. And all the programs to live Ufc events I been too. Add over 30 plus MMA t shirts

That's about it
8/19/12 8:45:01PM
DVD tv shows, Baseball cards and Playboys as a kid they are in my parents attic. I gave my brother in law who was a groomsman in my wedding the UFC 1-50 dvd collection.
8/19/12 9:12:49PM
I collect and hoard tools, wood, and metal. You never know when you'll need them, and they are easily stored.

I used to be a lot worse, hoarded everything, and spent money on shit that just got packed away again. But now I have a relatively clutter-free existence
8/19/12 9:37:44PM
i collect ufc mags, have a decent amount of old baseball cards & autographed balls, movie dvds, pens, lighters (until they are empty), and tools. i wish i could hoard money as well as i do other things.
8/20/12 10:01:10AM