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3/20/09 1:57:24PM
A ton of new UFC 2009 videos, featuring gameplay, fighter styles, and more.

About a dozen videos in all, including a tutorial on how the stand up will work in the game. Check it out.
3/20/09 2:35:59PM
Nice... love the videos. Can't wait for this game to come out. Only thing I didn't like was that Hendo was taking punishment in a lot of those videos instead of knocking people out...
3/20/09 2:40:46PM
yeah they also had shogun eating a lot of punches
3/20/09 4:07:09PM
I've been looking forward to this game since it was announced but from what I've seen of the game play videos they just don't look very smooth. It definitely looks like the best UFC game ever but that doesn't take much. Responsive controls, smooth animation and reasonable physics are the keys to making this not only the the best UFC game but a great all around game.

3/20/09 4:24:39PM
That's some good lookin ****.
3/20/09 4:41:00PM
well Damn, they can at least show SHogun connecting a fw! They just show him gettign worked by Liddell!!! Cant wait for thisgame and the fight!
3/20/09 7:30:26PM
great vids cant wait
3/21/09 6:27:41AM
does brand new now mean over a month old?
3/22/09 7:51:37PM
The game looks unreal. I have never been so pumped for a game to come out!
3/23/09 3:19:51AM
I was sad to see its not going to be made for the PC or the Wii, I guess its time to put out for the ps3.

Nice videos but did anyone notice like three of them are mislabeled, prob just a honest mistake.
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