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4/3/07 4:00:49PM
Just had a quick question for anyone out there that might have a little info to help me out...

When I was young (about 12) I entered a drawing and won a Mario Lemiuex autographed hockey stick... It never came with a certificate of authenticity or anything but I'm pretty sure that super Mario was actually at the benefit and signed it.

Does anyone know if there is a good way to authentisize (don't know if that's a word) a autograph?

Is there some way that I could obtain a certificate of authenticity?

I don't think that I'd ever sell it, but I am going to make a shadow box to frame it and thought that adding the certificate would kind of complete the frame and really make it a collectable...

Sorry about the obscure question, just thought I'd give it a shot...

Thanks in advance
4/3/07 4:29:24PM
Try writing to him, go on his website, see if you can get an address, email and send a letter. Letters give that personal touch.

Explain your situation, that you dont want to sell it, but perhaps if you could just have a letter verifying if the stick was indeed signed by him, and Im sure he will oblige with a signature that you could compare it to.

If he thinks you are just looking for a fast buck and a certificate to shift the stick, he probably wont be as helpful, if he thinks you are a real fan who treasures this item then Im sure he'd help you out.
4/3/07 7:24:40PM
Send it to the TV Show Street Cents
They did this exact thing with a Eric Lindros stick. And it turned out it really was signed. Im sure there is a easier way. But who knows. There is a lot of bogus Sports Memrabilia (im messed i know) out there saw a show on a guy who made millions doing it.