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8/14/10 3:28:17PM
I'm a huge collector and have thousands in my collection. I'm starting a MMA collectors web site with a price guide, and, I'm trying to gauge interest.

Please, tell us about your collections!

8/14/10 10:52:30PM
I collect any MMA memorabilia and have bought various autographed or material cards. I don't open packs. Generally, I watch Ebay and buy when I find a great deal. In the last few months, it seems the market has been flooded with MMA cards. Any cards from the first Topps set will generate alot of attention but I have found it really depends on who the fighter is after that. Last year, I bought a GSP Donruss Americana Ring Kings Mat card serial numbered 5 of 5 for $35 buck and sold it six months later on ebay for $505. It would never happen again.

I have a ton of figures including the 1 of 100 Jakks figures. I have a few Haos and other Japanese figures mainly of Sakuraba and Fujita. My favorite item is a 1st pressing hardcover of the "Gracie Jiu Jitsu" book autographed by the late Helio Gracie.

I am looking for an Orange Kazushi Sakuraba Mask from the 2000 GP. I am having a hard hard time finding one but I know they are out there.
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