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8/25/11 8:02:48PM
Does any one else think that the fight nights and versus cards should be on dvd as well?? Or at least a few best of fight night/ versus dvd's
They had one a few years back and that was just one
Only reason why I ask is. I wonder if the 4 live fox events per year will be on dvd to own eventually or not
8/25/11 8:26:00PM
Dana was asked recently about events being released on DVD and he answered saying pretty much not to hold your breath. He mentioned the weak market for DVD sales these days as the primary reason.
8/25/11 8:33:48PM
Yeah, DVD sales were really strong a few years ago, but that's dropping off. I'm sure they'll be available via VOD though. Less overhead for them that way anyhow.
8/25/11 8:40:30PM
I used to have a bunch of them. Ufc 42-69 and 88. I sold them though.
8/26/11 8:30:25AM
At one point I considered collecting but quickly decided against it simply because I'm not the type that sits down to watch a taped sporting event after I've A) already watched it or B) have had the results spoiled for me. Granted, if I miss a UFC event and find out the next day that I missed a sick fight, I'll find said fight and watch it. However, part of the lure and mystique of *any* sporting event is the unknown. I can't enjoy something quite as much (or in the case of sporting events, *at all*) if I know what to expect and when to expect it.
8/26/11 11:21:50AM
I have 42-50 and then like 55-77 then i stopped collecting, really hated how they'd dub over the entrance music with crappy buttrock.
8/26/11 3:52:07PM
I enjoy watching old fights. I have no problem watching them over and over again
I will watch it. Probably won't watch the dvd for another year or more
8/26/11 3:58:43PM
I was just talking to jjeans about our collections yesterday. I got ufc 1-12, 21-30, 39-130, the whole pride collection, Strikeforce, Elitexc, Bodog Fight, king of the Cage, IFL, SportFight, superbrawl, cage rage, and ADCC. I wish the ufc and Strikeforce would put EVERYTHING on dvd. Their missing out on a lot of money, from me anyways.
8/26/11 6:30:13PM
Like most of you guys. I used to buy them when I was first getting into MMA, but then as I started watching a lot of events PPV/Online there is no need. I have a 1Box collection and a bunch of individual fight cards of UFC and a couple of Pride box sets DVD. I really like having the PRIDE ones. Just really like the old footage of Bob Sapp, Fry, Hendo, Rua Bros. Nog Bros. CroCop, Fedor and who doesn't like watching Fry vs Takayama from time to time.
8/26/11 9:01:24PM
Yeah I just collect from zuffa era of ufc
I have ufc 31 to 131 on dvd
Plus best 100 fights in ufc , and a lot of pride dvd's
Love the grand prix and shockwave cards as well as bushido cards

God I wish the ufc would do a top 100 pride fight countdown like they did ufc
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