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10/6/09 12:23:59PM
Mark Coleman’s manager Mike DiSabato has responded furiously to Tito Ortiz calling his fighter a ‘sissy’. Ortiz used his Twitter account in the early hours of this morning to reveal that Coleman was out of their UFC 106 fight. He said the MMA veteran had “sissied out”.

“Mark Coleman is not a talker, he is a fighter. He is a Hall of Famer who has fought a Who's Who of great fighters. Tito says "sissy"? Please. He can prove Coleman is sissy on January 2nd if he wants,” was DiSabato’s response to the comments during a conversation with Fighters Only.

Kinda funny quote inside.
10/6/09 12:27:12PM
Wow.. taking shots at Jenna. I get the feeling this is the beginning of a lonnnng feud.
10/6/09 12:45:06PM
yeah he will just get smashed even worse when they eventually fight.
10/6/09 1:41:36PM

OK, let's get personal - we can all go to our porn collections and watch what Tito sleeps with night after night,” he added.

He shoots.


Nice comeback. Only it would've been better coming from Coleman. At least they're doing something to hype the fight, I guess. If it even happens now.
10/6/09 1:42:55PM
wow, tito wants to throw a personal shot he has to expect to get it back; but that was cold.
10/6/09 1:46:11PM
People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...and this is why.
10/6/09 1:54:29PM
LOL Gos I missed Tito and his big mouth. Looks like Coleman's manager has the upper hand in this feud after the comment about Jenna, funny and true.
10/6/09 1:58:43PM
i think it might have been funny to call Tito out about him being perfectly healthy and Sissyingout of the Liddel fight for years.
10/6/09 2:02:46PM
Tito doesn't fight well angry. I think all the times there was a lot on the line he choked. Against Chuck when it was the big feud and he had been disrespected. Against Randy when he had a "fake belt". Against Machida when it was his last chance to impress and get a good contract outside of the UFC.

Deep down inside he is still the same immature kid that he always was. I can't stand this back and forth he always has. Why bother calling Coleman a sissy? Especially when you've got such an obvious weak point that he can attack.

It could be that he'll be worked up and smash Mark Coleman worse than he ever would have (I was absolutely picking tito before this). But I also think if Mark or his manager can get in Tito's head that Coleman has a legit chance of winning this fight.
10/6/09 2:10:23PM

Posted by StorminYourman

i think it might have been funny to call Tito out about him being perfectly healthy and Sissyingout of the Liddel fight for years.

Ah memory lane. Chuck even stepped aside so Tito could fight Shamrock. This should be another hilarious chapter in the career of Tito Ortiz.
10/6/09 5:03:04PM
Why bring the wife into this. Leave the women out
10/6/09 5:46:34PM
on that same sweet twitter account tito was encouraging folks to vote for chuck on the dancing show so he must be a nice guy...
10/6/09 8:56:11PM

Posted by scpd400

Why bring the wife into this. Leave the women out

I don't care what your beef is with some other guy, personal, professional, don't talk **** on a man's wife, mother, sister, or fact just leave the whole family out of it. I know Jenna's a tough girl and all, but if you got something to say to somebody you say it to them, not their family......weak sauce! I'd be knocking out Coleman's manager if I were him!

This is called "MAN LAW" for those of you who don't know.
10/6/09 9:20:06PM
I honestly think Jenna has changed alot, I dont think I could love a ex porn star just because of the thought of her riding two.... I will stop there!

Tito and Jenna are a good couple IMO, Wow Colemans manager, You made a crack about her being a porn star, Im sure he or her have never heard nothing like that before!
10/7/09 12:31:16AM
go after the wife, low blow
at least tito can get a porn star
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