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7/10/09 3:30:16AM
Mark Coleman – The Hammer Talks UFC 100

PDG: What are your thoughts on your opponent; Stephan Bonnar? Mark

Coleman: I respect him quite a bit and he has never been stopped in the UFC. He has fought some wars in the cage and he has a huge heart. Stephan has good reach and a good standup game that you have to respect. I have been working a lot in training on my standup and I was hoping to use that in my next couple of fights but I'm going to have to be smart with him and probably take him to the ground. Where I do what I do best – Ground and Pound. I have nothing but respect for Stephan Bonnar and his fight with Forest Griffin was an amazing fight that put the UFC on the map.

Hammer UFC 100 Interview

7/10/09 11:37:36AM
I'm glad he has respect for Bonnar, just hope he has the cardio. I think Bonnar can take him.
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