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3/29/09 1:39:33PM
This is an 8-minute cut of the upcoming feature length documentary on UFC fighter Cole Miller. We will show the lifestyle, struggles, and heart of a young fighter growing up in a vastly expanding combat sport.

3/29/09 7:31:02PM
Cool vid

I really like Cole, seems like the kinda guy who just gets his head down, trains his ass off and comes out to fight.
3/30/09 7:42:14PM
thanks to cole im going to train tonight

i love how he mentioned andy wang tooo

great video
3/30/09 9:06:42PM
I enjoyed it too

Very insightful into the life and mentality of a fighter. I used to be lukewarm on cole but he seems like a pretty cool guy. Plus seeing his relationship with his brother Micah was pretty cool too. I never knew his nicname was portuguese for skinny.
3/30/09 10:01:59PM
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