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4/19/11 1:09:35PM
Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker said Monday that a rumored matchup between Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez and UFC contender Jim Miller is just that: a rumor.

“There’s going to be a lot of rumors flying back and forth, around fights and what’s going to happen, but they’re not based on fact,” Coker said during a “Savage Dog Show” interview. “They’re just based on rumors and people just trying to start a story or keep legs on the story. The truth is there has not been any dialogue on that.”

However, Coker does believe his champion will eventually meet opposition from the UFC.

4/19/11 4:10:29PM
I actually already said this is likely...The UFC will have to supply fighters for Melendez or people won't watch...He has no challengers there and his last two opponents wouldn't beat the last two guys that Clay Guida faced...Thats a fact...

Just cause he beat Shinya Aoki doesnt mean anything...Gilbert woulda already lost facing tough competition week in and out...This is going to be a lot like Fedor in Prdie...beat a bunch of guys that would be average * cough cough and people ride the hype train...Then they will come to the UFC and get a second tier fighter and it will be too close to call...

Send Jim Miller there and Cerrone...I know he wants nothing to do with Melvin Guillard...
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