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6/3/08 4:26:22PM
This guy was on coke when he decided to plow through some cyclists. 2 people are dead according to the Valley Morning Star.

6/3/08 4:31:42PM
Rick James would beg to differ.

Cocaine is one helluva drug.
6/3/08 4:53:39PM
HAHAHA, my bad.
6/3/08 5:03:53PM
holy shit !!!!

i doubt coke was the only reason, probably mentally unstable
6/3/08 5:18:20PM
that is messed up
6/3/08 5:23:10PM
You might want to change the thread title, when I first saw it I thought it was about Coke the soft drink until I saw the picture and my eyes nearly popped out. Seriously sick. That photographer certainly got the picture at the right time, but that had to be at least somewhat traumatic for him/her.
6/3/08 5:53:18PM
6/3/08 5:53:24PM
Yea I think buddy driving that car had a bigger problem then drugs
6/3/08 6:43:02PM
Crack is worse. Even coke heads make fun of crack heads. That guy is seriously twisted though
6/3/08 6:49:54PM

Posted by teddythetuna

Crack is worse. Even coke heads make fun of crack heads. That guy is seriously twisted though

Thats like the pot calling the kettle black..You never catch the Ghost.
6/3/08 6:52:14PM
Yeah its all sh*t as far as im concerned. Ive never done any of that crap and dont plan on it. i have better things to spend my money on and i wouldnt want intervention coming to my house puttin me on tv.
6/3/08 6:58:03PM
coke users wouldnt be caught dead driving that car. it was probably crack.
6/3/08 8:07:03PM
I'm still shocked by that pic you just don't see that everyday.
The craziest part is there is a cop right there.
6/4/08 11:42:34AM
Oh the joys of Photoshop
6/4/08 12:14:41PM
All drugs are bad drugs... this picture is only pure evidence for my claim and I rest my case!
6/4/08 8:33:19PM
That's awesome... I mean it's not awesome... but the picture... once in a lifetime shot if it is real...

very well done if it's not...
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